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Trizone Tennis/Golf Support


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Attention Medicare Patients

Comfortably helps relieve pain associated with both tennis and golf elbow

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Features & Benefits:

Three zones of compression strategically placed
Silicone banding injected directly onto the sleeve is designed to help relieve pain associated with golf and tennis elbow.
All-natural Carbonized Bamboo is thermal regulating and anti-bacterial helping eliminate odors
Anti-migration technology helps the sleeve to stay put on the forearm and eliminate slip
Reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low light conditions

Our DONJOY Performance Trizone Tennis/Golf Elbow sleeve is a hybrid design combining the properties of compression and bracing in a single sleeve. The carbonized bamboo circular knit construction allows for targeted, zonal compression. Three distinct compression zones which include: a stability zone with strategically placed injected silicone to provide constant pressure to the medial/lateral tendons in the forearm and the benefit of enhanced proprioception, a compression zone which improves circulation and provides mild support to the joint structure and surrounding muscle tissue, and a comfort zone that provides lighter compression for enhanced fit. The compression sleeve provides all day comfort with everyday arm movements as compared to traditional tennis/golf elbow products on the market that require and air bladder and static hook and loop closure system. The Trizone Tennis/Elbow support is a low profile performance product designed to help relieve pain associated with tennis and golf elbow.

Size Chart & Fit Help
Measurement Small Medium Large X-Large
Inches 7 - 8.5 8.5 - 10 10 - 12 12+
Centimeters 18 - 22 22 - 25 25 - 30 30+

Measurement taken at the thickest part of forearm
Product Questions (7)

Product Questions

DonJoy Performance Trizone Tennis/Golf Support

Product Questions

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  • Diana at 7/2/2016 8:29 AM
    • Is this support designed to be worn on either arm?
    • Yes, our DonJoy Performance Trizone Tennis/Golf Support is universal and may go on either arm.
  • Adrian at 4/22/2016 2:53 PM
    • How tight should the sleeve fit?
    • It should be snug but not cutt off circulation
  • Chris at 4/1/2016 11:08 PM
    • I have some elbow pain when throwing a baseball, particularly when trying to throw hard (I don't pitch). The epicenter is the elbow though it goes both toward the wrist in the forearm and toward the shoulder.

      Which product might be the best for in-game use?

      If this band is the best option, do I need to wear it differently for baseball elbow (as opposed to tennis/golf elbow)?
    • Yes the Trizone Tennis/Golf Support would be the appropriate support for your elbow. It is worn the same as the golfers elbow
  • Jp L at 11/15/2015 10:39 PM
    • My measure is exactly 25 centimeters. Should i go with medium or large?
    • I would suggest going with the large
  • Holly at 11/6/2015 6:05 PM
    • I had to have a radial tunnel decompression surgery and still having issues in my forearm and need compression when using it too much, would this help with that?
    • Holly
      If you need compression you may want to try the Trizone Elbow Support instead. https://www.betterbraces.com/trizone-elbow-support The Tennis/Golf Support would not give that comparession
  • Wendy at 11/2/2015 6:07 AM
    • I have golfers elbow (above the elbow on the inside) do you still wear this below the elbow as pictured? Wanting to know for sizing as well as if it will be beneficial to my particular problem.
    • Wendy
      The support should be worn as shown in the picture. the cause of golfers elbow is the muscle tendons that attach to the bone on the inside of your elbow and those tendons travel down towards the wrist.
  • Allen at 9/22/2015 6:35 AM
    • Can this be worn for swimming?
    • Allen
      Yes this can be worn in the water just rinse afterwards and let air dry
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DonJoy Performance Trizone Tennis/Golf Support

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