Braces and Supports for Surfing

These are the braces, supports, and therapy products we recommend for surfers.

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  • DonJoy

    Performer Knee Sleeve

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    A sleeve-style for mild arthritis, sprains, strains and relief from inflammation and joint pain. Read More
  • DonJoy Performance

    AnaForm 2MM Knee Sleeve

    2mm neoprene sleeve offers maximum heat retention Read More

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Surfing Braces and Supports
Surfing is a fun water sport, but it also presents the opportunity for injury. Surfers put their bodies against the force of the waves, which can lead to knee injuries, including issues such as ligament and cartilage tears. Wearing surfing knee braces may help prevent injury or provide extra support for surfers recovering from prior injuries. Remember, the risk for getting hurt while surfing is always there, as your body may twist unexpectedly from the force of a wave or you can get hit from your board. Repetitive stress injuries from crouching down can also strain the knee joint and lead to pain.

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