ACL Injury: Skiing with a Torn ACL

skiing with a torn acl

When a skier falls and one of the knee (or both) twists while the foot remains planted on the ski, the skier will most likely suffer an ACL rupture.

The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four important ligaments holding the knee joint together. The ACL can tear when a skier lands on a bent knee then twisting it or landing on an overextended knee. A popping sound can be heard and the skier will have the sensation that the knee gave out. This sensation is caused by the knee joint becoming lax after the ACL quits its job of holding it together and assuring its stability.

An ACL tear is a serious skiing ailment, and one of the most widespread among skiers. Because the feet are bound to long thin boards and are independent from each other, as opposed to skiboarding or snowboarding, the risk of one ski getting caught while the other continues its course is very high. Other ligament sprains often occur as well, but the ACl rupture is the most common and the most severe.

Instability from such an occurrence happens often, and the duration is usually determined by the severity of the tear. It is just about impossible to prevent yourself from falling when on the slopes, and every time you fall you run the risk of injuring your ACL. There is something you can avoid ACL injuries while skiing, wear a knee brace that offers extra support to your ACL. This will ensure you sufficiently protect your knees while skiing and allow you to stabilize them if they do become injured.

Plan on Skiing with Torn ACL?

ACL injuries are common and if you suffer from this injury there is no reason you can't get back on the slopes. If you plan on skiing with a torn ACL, the DonJoy expert designers have come up with the perfect ACL knee brace to protect your knees and enjoy skiing.

The ski version of the DonJoy Armor knee brace helps prevent ligament injuries by stabilizing the knee joint and significantly reduces the strain on the ACL. It is similar to the DonJoy Short Armor but is designed to be worn on both knees simultaneously. It uses a Medial Ski Deflector on the inside hinge to prevent the knee brace from getting caught on the brace worn on the other knee, and avoid the brace from catching on ski pants. It is designed by fit above rigid ski boots.

The DonJoy Armor knee brace is the best stabilizing knee joint brace on the market. It helps stabilize mild to severe ACL rupture as well as other ligament sprains which can cause instabilities in the knee joints. It is recommended for use by active, sedentary, and adolescent patients who suffer from knee ligament sprains or rehabilitating from ACL ruptures; and it also prevents knee injuries.

It is important to get the right Armor knee brace for you. Available in seven sizes, the DonJoy Armor knee brace is equipped with swiveling strap tabs that work well for any muscle type. The impact guard will protect your shin and knee, avoiding the PCL or posterior cruciate ligament from spraining from a frontal impact on a bent knee. It is lightweight, comfortable and can be molded to fit your needs.

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