All About Running Injuries

Running injuries can happen if you increase mileage too quickly, have muscle imbalances, improper running shoes, poor running form and other reasons. The good thing is that running injuries can be prevented and if you are injured, you can get back on your feet again.

Strength training is a huge part of injury prevention. When you run often, you will start to build up certain muscles more than others. This can lead to injury if your muscles become imbalanced. Make sure you rotate in strength training sessions throughout the week. Not sure if your shoes are the right fit? Visit your local running store for expert advice. Looking for injury prevention? Roll out your legs after running, wear a supportive knee and/or ankle brace when running, and always stretch down and recovery with ice on your joints.

Common Running Injuries

Side-lined by a running injury? Learn more about these common running injuries to identify the proper treatment plan to get you back on the road. The important thing to do is be able to recognize an injury when it is starting to happen. Rest if injured and use cold therapy along with a brace for recovery.

Preventing Injury in First Time Runners

Slow and steady wins the race as a first-time runner. Follow these tips to help you increase your mileage at a safe pace while staying injury-free.

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