Protective Padding

Your body, knees and elbows absorb a lot of contact during sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer among many others. With the large amount of contact to the ground whether it be grass, turf, or hardwood and collision with other players, your body is likely to get bruised and scraped up. Protect your joints, body and skin with maximum comfort and protection with knee pads, elbow pads, and padded tape. Our protective padding is comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to clean. Our Defender Skin protective tape is one of a kind and allows you to customize and put on any part of your body that needs added padding. Play with confidence today.

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  • Chattanooga

    Sully Hip S'port

    Innovative design for proper hip support Read More
  • DonJoy

    Spider Knee Pad

    Regular Price: $34.99

    Special Price $19.99

    Unique honeycomb design contours for comfortable movement while providing cushioning protection Read More
  • DonJoy

    Spider Elbow Pad

    High impact resistant foam compared to conventional elbow pads Read More
  • DonJoy Performance

    Defender Skin Protective Tape

    Starting at: $5.99

    Comfortable, breathable, and customizable padded athletic tape that acts like a second skin to protect from abrasion and injury Read More
  • DonJoy Performance

    Defender Elbow Pads (1 Pair)

    Regular Price: $69.99

    Special Price $34.99

    Designed to absorb impact and protect from bruises or other common impact injuries. Read More

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5 Item(s)

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