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Quick-Fit Wrist II


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Immobilizes and protects wrists affected by injury and trauma

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ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II Features & Benefits

The ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II is a universal, functional wrist orthosis for the support of wrist and hand injuries and trauma. A simple single pull lace design and stockinette tongue ease application while the soft nylon/foam laminate offers comfort. The Quick-Fit Wrist II has an adjustable, malleable dorsal stay pod that may be placed in the proper location for immobilization or removed completely during rehabilitation. A contoured palmar stay provides proper anatomical fit allowing full finger dexterity and may be contoured as needed to address a variety of indications. Universal for most wrist sizes 10" and under and Universal XL for wrist sizes 10" plus. Left and Right. Patent pending. The Quick-Fit Wrist II is highly recommended by orthopedic doctors and surgeons.

Ideal for

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Wear overnight to help alleviate pain and support CTS
  • Support for weak, unstable and sprained wrists
  • Additional support after a cast is removed due to a wrist fracture
  • Immobilization

Product Care

Wash with light detergent and rinse with water. Air dry.

Size Chart & Fit Help
Size Length Wrist Circ.
U 8" Up to 10"
U/XL 8" 10" plus
Product Questions (6)

Product Questions

ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II

Product Questions

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  • Pedro at 5/11/2016 12:52 PM
    • Will I be able to do back handsprings in these if not wich one could I do one in?
    • The Procare Quick-Fit Wrist II has metal stays so it will not allow the wrist to bend. You may want to go with something like the Don Joy Wrist Wraps https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-wrist-wraps-wrist-brace This wrist support will allow the wrist to bend while still provideing some support
  • Amy at 4/9/2016 6:56 PM
    • Hi. I am wondering where I can find wrist braces in different colors? Like pink, blue, purple. Please let me know. My daughter has a bump on her wrist but would like to wear a different color.
    • Im sorry we do not have colored braces for the wrist, black only
  • kevin at 1/27/2016 4:01 AM
    • I just had reconstructive surgery on my wrist. Had total dislocation. Had 3 pins in wrist. I'm about 6 weeks post surgery. Have had plastic immobilization splint on. Will be returning to work soon. Plastic splint won't cut it at work. Which splint would you suggest?
    • Either the Quickfit Wrist II or the A2 Wrist by Aircast. Both have a aluminum stay on top and bottom of the wrist. The A2 is a little cooler than the Quickfit.
  • Sally at 11/9/2015 5:33 AM
    • Will this brace be enough to support my recently broken arm while playing sports?
    • This product will not work for a recently broken arm. This brace is usually worn after getting out of a cast 6 weeks after the break.
  • Jessica at 8/19/2015 2:50 PM
    • I had a boxers fracture and need support while working. Will this brace be the best one to choose for that?
    • The Quickfit II Wrist brace comes down on the hand so it should be supportive enough for a healed fracture.
  • Beth at 7/28/2014 7:58 AM
    • I workout a lot and do a lot of pushups, bridges, etc... My wrists are weak and my thumbs also get strained from trying to compensate. Would a brace like this help? I see so many on this site and I'm confused as to which one would be better.
    • If you want to wear the braces while working out then take a look at the DonJoy Wrist Wraps. You can still get the use of your hands while wearing these.
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ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II

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