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Leg Elevator


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Attention Medicare Patients

Full foam construction to elevate and maintain proper knee, ankle and lower leg position at 45° angle.  Read More
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Leg Elevation Pillow Ideal for Injured or Post-Surgical Leg, Knee, or Ankle

Ideal for patients with leg casts, broken ankles or knees, or those requiring stable elevation to help eliminate swelling. Great for post-trauma or surgical procedures. Pillows typically flatten after a short while and does not keep the leg elevated. Pillows also do not prevent your leg from rolling to the side. The ProCare Leg Elevator is constructed of full foam to elevate and maintain proper knee and lower leg position at a 45° angle. The dense foam prevents compacting and the friction helps keep the leg elevator from sliding off the bed and helps keep your leg from sliding off.

  • Measures 31.5" x 10"
  • Great for keeping your injured leg elevated while sleeping or relaxing
  • Ideal for post-op comfort and healing due to ankle, foot, or knee surgeries
  • Elevation helps aid with minimizing swelling
  • More comfortable than a stack of pillows
  • Sturdy and won't slip
  • Brand: Procare
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Size  Length x Height
Universal 31.5" x 10"
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Procare Leg Elevator

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  • Daisy at 10/1/2015 8:09 AM
    • Do you make a cover for this pillow?
    • Daisy
      No we do not have a cover for this product
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Procare Leg Elevator

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Great for after knee surgery

Reviewed by:
Perfect for my leg after knee surgery. Just right elevation.
Posted on August 8, 2016
Would you recommend this product?Definitely yes

I love it!! The only complaint I have is it needs to come with a cover and options to buy extra covers in different fabrics for hot or cold weather

Reviewed by:
I had ankle surgery years ago and I ended up laying on the love seat with my bad ankle thrown over the back for months, I tried pillows of all kinds and they just didn't work,
Laying with leg over back of love seat worked great for ankle but was horrible for the rest of my body, especially back and neck.
It was 3 months before I could sleep in my bed at all.
I just has foot and ankle surgery 4 weeks ago and this time I had this product.
I thought it was worth a try when I stumbled upon it on line.
I came home from hospital, immediately got in my bed, placed my leg in this and have slept in my bed every night.
It not only elevates your leg it cradles it and keeps it in place without putting pressure on it or feeling restrictive.
I use it day and night.
In the daytime I just prop up my pillows scoot back and leave my leg in it...
With a lap tray or table I am able to do art work, eat, etc. in comfort.
It is summer so I also like to sit in the yard and I take this with me and put it in a chair in front of me, with this I can sit out as long as I want, don't have to go back in to elevate.
I have restless legs also so even when I am healed I will probably use this because it helps keep me from thrashing around while I sleep.
Posted on July 18, 2016
Would you recommend this product?Definitely yes

Much better than pillows

Reviewed by:
I like it but should come in sizes.
Posted on July 17, 2016
Would you recommend this product?Definitely yes

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