Infographic: A Parent's Guide to Football ACL Injuries

football acl knee brace
By Fara Rosenzweig

An ACL tear is a big disappointment for any athlete, but to an adolescent football player, it can be devastating.

As a parent, it can be hard to watch your athlete sit out in frustration, but if you know the facts, you can help them rehab and recover in a timely manner. It's not the end of their football career; it's a learning lesson, which can help them get stronger.

First, be familiar with what happens to the body during an ACL injury. The ACL is a knee ligament that joins the upper-leg bone with the lower-leg bone to support the knee. From mild (small tears) to severe (ligaments tear completely), if left untreated, the knee will not have enough support for controlled movement and the bones will most likely rub against one another, causing ACL deficiency, articular cartilage damage or meniscus tears (cushion of the knee joint). Proper treatment, rest and rehab will help speed up the recovery time.

In addition to rehab, understanding prevention is key to avoid re-injury. Get the facts to help your football player survive an ACL injury.

infographic: parents guide to football acl injuries

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