Calf Strain Compression Sleeves

A calf strain is an injury to the calf muscle which is located on the back of your leg below the knee and ankle. A strain occurs when you have stretched your muscles too far and can include small tears to the muscle. The calf muscle contains up to 9 different muscles and there are 3 levels of calf strains. Soccer players and runners often have a higher risk of a calf strain but anyone can injure their calf. If you have strained your calf, ice the muscle, wear a compression calf sleeve for support, and consult your doctor. For prevention, always warm-up your muscles properly before activity, wear proper shoes, stretch frequently and wear a supportive calf brace.

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    Trizone Calf Support

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    AnaForm Calf Sleeves

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    TriZone Calf Support - Orange

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    The first of its kind; introducing bracing to the calf muscle. Read More

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