ACL Knee Brace for ACL Tears and Injuries

Wearing an ACL brace can help prevent injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or help support your knee after an ACL tear or injury. A brace specific to protecting your ACL reduces the amount of time that your ACL is in an “at-risk” position for tearing. Our braces are lightweight and durable, designed to keep you in the game. For a customized fit, check out our line of custom knee braces designed to protect your ACL.

Need help selecting an ACL brace? Use our guided tool, Brace Advisor, to help you find the right brace based on level of activity and injury. You can also use this handy article which provides a breakdown of ACL braces on level of support to help you with your choice: Guide to Selecting an ACL Brace.

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ACL Braces and Supports

One of the most common injuries involving the knee joint is an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear. Commonly referred to as a torn ACL, this injury is especially frequent among athletes in sports involving constant lateral movement and changes in speed and direction, such as basketball and football. If you tear your ACL, you may hear a “pop” at the time of the injury. If you think you may have torn your ACL, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Treatment for ACL injuries vary depending on the severity of the injury. Possibly treatments may include physical therapy, surgery, or wearing a supporting knee brace. Often times after surgery, an ACL reconstruction brace is required to help with recovery and increasing range of motion. For those looking to return to previous sports, wearing an ACL brace is the best way to protect your knee from re-tearing your ACL.

Learn more about choosing an ACL knee brace for stability based on varying levels of support or more detailed information about a torn ACL.

Best ACL Brace for Sports

The best ACL knee brace is one with FourcePoint Hinge technology which reduces strain on your ACL by applying pressure to the inside and outside of your femur (thigh bone) and tibia (calf bone) to prevent them from moving beyond the normal range of motion. The DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge is the most supportive ACL brace you can get without a prescription and was designed with the athlete in mind. The revolutionary FourcePoint Hinge is clinically proven to provide maximum ACL protection during sports. With various lengths and custom-fitting straps, you can adjust the brace to fit you perfectly and comfortably as you continue the football, basketball, skiing and other activities you love.

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