All About Elbow Injuries

The elbow joint is made up of three bones. The humerus is the bone in the upper arm and the ulna and radius are the two bones in the lower arm. The bony protrusions at the bottom of the humerus are called epicondyles. These bones are connected by muscles, ligaments and tendons to form the elbow joint. Together, these structures allow us to use our elbows like a hinge to rotate our arms.

The elbow is not as susceptible to injuries as weight bearing joints, like the knee and the hips, but it still has its fair share of injuries. The elbow can be affected by typical injuries, such as broken bones and stress fractures, as well as inflammation, such as tendonitis, arthritis and bursitis.

Common Elbow Injuries

Your elbows are an important part of everyday movement using our upper arms. They are prone to overuse injuries and pain inflammation. Learn more about the most common elbow injuries - causes, symptoms and treatment.

3 Tips to Reduce Strain and Prevent Elbow Pain

Elbow pain will usually get better with some basic changes over time, but it can interfere with many of your daily activities if it's not managed properly. Prevent elbow pain from developing in the first place by following these tips.

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