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Utility PRO Ice Compression Wrap


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Attention Medicare Patients

Take the HyperIce Utility ice compression wrap on-the-go to ice your ankle, wrists, elbows, and more caused by strains, sprains, bruises, or bumps.
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Take the HyperIce Utility Ice Compression Wrap with you to games, workouts, and races for a speedy recovery. Slightly smaller than its counterpart (HyperIce Knee Wrap), the HyperIce Utility has a smaller Ice Cell to target inflammation and pain caused by ankle sprains, shin splints, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, strains, and bruised injuries. The HyperIce Utility is also commonly used to maximize cold therapy on bumps and bruises. It comes with an easy to fill Ice Cell, compression wrap and patented air-release valve to help control compression intensity. This is the perfect, easy-to-use solution for RICE therapy. Used by professional athletes around the world, including Olympian Gold Medalist skier, Lindsey Vonn.
1 year warranty for any product defects. Does not apply to normal wear and tear.


  • Comes with a 3mm neoprene compression sleeve
  • 8" x 8" antimicrobial Ice Cell skin to transfer cold therapy without direct ice-to-skin contact
  • Air release valve helps remove excess air from the Ice Cell to help the ice form closely to the shape of the injured area
  • Large mouth area and cap allows for easy-to-fill access of crushed ice


  • Fill Ice Cell 2/3 with small ice cubes or nuggets
  • Place on flat surface and remove air from Ice Cell
  • Screw cap on tightly
  • Put Ice Cell into Compression Wrap
  • Place on desired area and tighten
  • Press Air Release Valve to remove air from the Ice Cell
  • Leave the HyperIce Utility wrap on for 15-20 minutes
  • Use the Air Release Valve every 5 minutes to release air


  • After use, rinse the Ice Cell inside and out with cool water and air dry
  • When dry, store in cool, dry place
  • Do not fill Ice Cell with anything other than ice
  • The compression wrap is machine washable (hang dry)
Product Questions (2)

Product Questions

HyperIce® Utility PRO Ice Compression Wrap

Product Questions

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  • Pete Grey at 10/21/2015 5:21 PM
    • Where do I order a replacement bag?
      I've got one of these, for icing my knees while traveling via bike (pedal), but IME, it's not if, but when the bag eventually fails. If this happens, it's a real bummer, trying to find a replacement type of thing, in the middle of a trip somewhere, usually towns with a 3 isle grocery...
      Carrying an extra, while adding (small amount) of weight and unfortunately using space, has proven to be essential, having had other quality brands fail ;it's just a matter of wear-cycles, if you use them a lot. Even my clinical-quality refreeze-able packs fail eventually, after many months of daily use.
      Do you carry the replacements?

    • Pete
      I am sorry we do not carry replacement parts for this product
  • Billy at 10/1/2015 10:14 AM
    • Is this big enough to wrap around knees and thighs?
    • Billy
      Yes it will
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HyperIce® Utility PRO Ice Compression Wrap

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