Exos Back Brace

Exos spine bracing technology is the leader in back braces offering a customized fit. With the adjustable BOA technology closure system, you're able to adjust the compression level of the brace to your need. Exos back braces are also waterproof and designed to be lightweight and low-profile - ideal to be worn around for long periods. Try an Exos back brace to support your spine, low back joints and muscles for back pain relief.

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  • Exos

    Wrist Undersleeve

    Undersleeve for use with Exos upper extremity braces Read More
  • Exos

    FORM™ II 626

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price $137.99

    The Exos FORM II 626 is for lower back pain to deliver superior decompression and support. It is quickly customizable to fit your unique shape to provide your best comfort and satisfaction. Read More
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    FORM 626 (Lumbar Belt)

    Provides superior control and support from L-1 to L-5 Read More
  • Exos

    FORM 621 (SI Belt)

    Provides stabilization and pain relief of the sacroiliac joint through compression. Read More
  • New and Improved. Compresses and supports the sacroiliac joints, strengthening the back, hip, and legs. Read More

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