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The chart below will help you determine what electrodes you should use with your Empi device.
Have questions? We are here to help. Our team is available Monday – Friday from 7:00 am PT - 5:00 pm PT. Call us at 800-553-6019.

*Note: If you have an Empi Active or Empi Phoenix device, you will need to use the lead wires that came with your device.

Empi Patients Frequently Asked Questions

PIN Electrodes
2" x 2"

  • Select


  • Active*


  • Phoenix*


  • Continuum


  • Axon


  • If3 Wave


  • Primera


  • Element


Easy Snap
2" x 2"

  • Elite

    item #199729

Empi Patients Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has Empi closed its business down?
A: The regulatory and reimbursement environment for TENS/NMES has become increasingly challenging over the years making it very difficult for us to service our patients and get paid for our products. This decision was not easy for us and we made it only after very careful consideration. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and we wish you all the best.

Q: What products can I purchase on Better Braces?
A: At this time the Compex Pin Electrodes and Snap 2x2 Electrodes are the only products Better Braces carries that will be compatible with your Empi device.

Q: Where can I purchase other Empi accessories for my device?
A: Empi patients can call TruMedical for inquiries on purchasing additional accessories. TruMedical is a distributor out of Tennessee that will have some accessories that will be available for purchasing. Call #877-882-7844- press #1 once the phone picks up (TruMedical can assist with SELF PAY-credit card only, or prepaid with a check. TMS will hold the order until they receive the check).

Q: What if my device is under Warranty and needs a repair?
A: For Empi Repairs/Warranty call DJO Warranty & Repair Team at 800-862-2343

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