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Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Sleeve


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Attention Medicare Patients

Support following sprains, ligament instabilities, or meniscus injuries. Ideal for non-contact sports.

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Helps stabilize the knee following sprains, ligament instabilities, or meniscus injuries.

The DonJoy Sport Hinged knee brace is ideal for those who are suffering from mild ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL) injuries, knee sprains, or meniscus injuries. The durable bilateral hinges help stabilize the knee, while the Drytex material and thigh & calf straps provide compression. The breathable Drytex fabric provides comfortable compression and keeps you cool and comfortable. This brace is ideal for daily activities and non-contact sports.

Please note the DonJoy Neoprene Economy Hinged Knee Sleeve is the same brace as the Donjoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Wraparound/Sleeve the difference is the material.

DonJoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Brace is used to treat or prevent the following injuries

  • Knee sprains
  • Mild ACL, PCL, or MCL injuries
  • Meniscus Injuries

Product Features...and the benefits you'll experience!

  • Compressive Knee Support
    This comfortable compression will help stabilize your knee and minimize swelling during movement.
  • Polycentric Hinges
    Your movement will not be impeded because these hinges were designed to mimic the natural motion of your knee joint.
  • Drytex Fabric
    Exclusive to DonJoy braces, Drytex is a neoprene alternative that is much more comfortable to wear. Drytex allows for better airflow between your brace and skin so you won't find your brace making your leg excessively hot during sporting activities.

Sizing and Measurements

Click on the Size Chart tab above to learn how to measure your leg to determine what brace size you need.

Size Chart & Fit Help


Take the measurement of your thigh and calf 6" above and below your kneecap using a flexible type tape measure.  Use the diameter you measure here to choose your size.

Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
XS 13" - 15 1/2" 12"-13" 10"-12"
S 15 1/2" - 18 1/2" 13"-14" 12"-14"
M 18 1/2"- 21" 14"-15" 14"-16"
L 21"- 23 1/2" 15"-17" 16"-18"
XL 23 1/2" - 26 1/2" 17"-19" 18"-20"
XXL 26 1/2" - 29 1/2" 19"-21" 20"-22"
XXXL 29 1/2" -32" 21"-23" 22"-24"


Center Knee 1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.
6 in Above 2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.
Thig Circle 3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.
6 in below 4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.
Product Questions (16)

Product Questions

DonJoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Sleeve

Product Questions

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  • Sally burke at 9/17/2016 8:22 AM
    • Nine year old knee replacement was put in crooked and now beginning to cause pain and instability. Surgeon is reluctant to do revision surgery at my age ..81.. The brace office gave me helps but is too small and very bulky. Can you recommend one?
    • Yes, this would work. It has side hinges which provide support and stability to the knee. The drytex material will allow the leg to breath making it an all-day brace.
  • Jen at 8/17/2016 7:51 PM
    • Which brace provides better prevention of knee hyperextension the Drytex Sport Hinged Knee sleeve vs. the Delux Hinged Knee brace?
      Thank you
    • The DonJoy Deluxe Hinged Knee would be the best choice for hyperextension, as your physician can adjust the flexion and extenstion stops, when needed.
  • Ken at 8/8/2016 10:54 PM
    • What is open popliteal and my measurements are 13 calf, 15 knee and 17 thigh. What do you recommend?
    • Open Popliteal means that the back of the knee has a cut out. Based on those measurements you should order the medium. It is important to fit the knee first as the rest can be tightened.
  • Paula at 7/27/2016 3:17 PM
    • My MRI shows a type 2 tear of the pcl. A few strands left. No other injury so conservative treatment is brace. Is this the appropriate brace for this , main concern being stability? Thank you.
    • The DoJoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Sleeve will help some, although, it is for mild PCL injuries. You can also look at DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with Standard Hinge, as this will give you more support. https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-armor-knee-brace-with-standard-hinge.
  • Kevin Wagoner at 7/24/2016 5:48 PM
    • I was given this brace by my doctor not bad but I have broken it twice already. I have diagnosed with a meniscus medial tear along with moderate OA. It only helps to relieve most of my pain when it's really tight. What else is suggested? I am a big guy working on loosing weight, have an active job and bowl. I was looking at something like the playmaker.

      Any help would greatly be appreciated. The prices here are a third of what my doctor charged me.
    • The Playmaker II will provide mild to moderate support for structures of the knee and compression. You can wear it to bowl and it will provide support, however it will not unkload the OA compartments of the knee. To do that you would need an unloading brace. The OA Reaction can be used to unload either the inside or outside of your knee(depending on which side has the OA). https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-oa-reaction-web-knee-brace
  • Amberley Stewart at 7/19/2016 10:56 AM
    • Is this particular model waterproof?
    • The DonJoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Sleeve can be worn in the water. We do recommend you rinse with fresh clean water and a mild detergent and air dry after.
  • Shannon at 7/9/2016 2:36 PM
    • Can this be worn over my pants for work
    • You may want to choose a wraparound style of the DonJoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee, which would be easier to put on over pants.
  • Sandra at 6/15/2016 7:54 AM
    • Does it work bilaterally or does RT or LT need to be specified?
    • The Donjoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee is universal, it can be worn on either the Right or Left leg, all you need to choose is your size.
  • monica at 5/8/2016 9:04 AM
    • I have a chronic mcl ligament injury, which brace or sleeve would be best to support the mcl during yoga (i am a yoga teacher). Thanks
    • To support the MCL you would need a hinged knee brace. The economy hinged knee brace is a good brace that can be purchased in the Drytex material which is a little cooler than neoprene. https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-economy-hinged-knee
  • Rebecca at 4/6/2016 5:11 AM
    • I can't seem to get the brac to fit like dr. Did when I left. I have allot of knee pain, do I have it up to hi or down to low? How do I know??
    • Did they give you fitting instructions? We would not know if you are wearing it correctly without seeing you in the brace. You might need to go back to the doctors office and have them see the brace on you to seeif you are donning it correctly
  • Chon at 4/4/2016 2:26 PM
    • Thigh 23" Knee 17" Calf 19"... What's the best size donjoy economy hinged brace or donjon dry tex sports hinged brace for me? If I get the smaller tighter fit, will it stay on with less velcro to wrap?
    • I would suggest getting the large in a wrap on style brace instead of the sleeve. The sleeve will be too tight in the calf
  • Nicholas at 1/21/2016 2:32 PM
    • I tore my lateral meniscus and was wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are for an open popliteal? Also what would you recommend wrapped or sleeve? Also i need to get it on pretty quick for weights
    • If you are going to be using the brace to workout in I would suggest the sleeve
  • Nicholas at 1/21/2016 2:14 PM
    • I tore my lateral meniscus and was wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are for an open popliteal?
    • The open popliteal prevents the material form bunching behinge the knee
  • Nao at 12/1/2015 7:25 AM
    • Hi.
      What is the difference between Donjoy DRYTEX SPORT HINGED KNEE SLEEVE and Donjon ECONOMY HINGED KNEE?
    • The hinge is the difference. The hinge for the Deluxe hinged knee is a bigger stronger hinge that can be adjusted for ROM restrictions, the economy hinged is just a standard hinge with no adjustment.
  • Theresa at 11/3/2015 8:38 AM
    • I am overweight and my left knee could use added support. What is the largest size KNEE support that you carry? I'm looking for 2XL to 4XL? I like the knee sleeve - but would consider a knee brace for more support too
    • Theresa
      The Reddie Brace goes up to a 3XL. This is the largest brace we have https://www.betterbraces.com/procare-reddie-hinged-knee-brace
  • SUKANT at 3/31/2010 6:15 PM
    • Hi,

      My measurement is

      9 " calf
      14" knee
      16 " Thigh

      Which size should I go for. Small or X-small?

      Can I adjust the calf if I take the small size?

    • We would recommend the small size of this DonJoy Knee Brace. You can pull the lower strap tighter if you need to for a better fit.
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DonJoy Drytex Sport Hinged Knee Sleeve

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