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Edge 3.0


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Attention Medicare Patients

Premium, FDA(k) cleared, over-the-counter Compex ® Muscle Stimulator kit featuring 4 programs that stimulate healthy muscles to help facilitate and improve muscle performance.
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About the Compex® Edge 3.0 Muscle Stimulator

Train harder and recover faster with our completely redesigned Compex® Edge™3.0. Our trusted technology paired with an improved user experience can be a game changer to aid your performance and recovery. Take your workouts to the next level by using the Edge™3.0 before, during, or after a workout. This compact, portable electrical stimulator features a water-resistant silicone sleeve that not only improves grip, but also protects against sweat and spills. We improved program selection to help you recover faster and easier with an updated LCD display, center navigation button and integrated pad placement suggestions. Enjoy up to 8 hours of stimulation with a Lithium Ion battery that can be easily re-charged anywhere with the USB cable provided. Setup and operation is easy-insert the color-coordinated cords, power up the device, place the electrodes, choose a program, and feel the power of EMS/TENS.

Product Features & Benefits

Water-resistant silicone sleeve

Improved LCD Display

Center navigation button

Integrated pad placement suggestions

Up to 8 hours of stimulation with a Lithium Ion battery

USB Charger

Improved Grip

Compex® Edge 3.0 has 4 Programs

2 Strength, 1 Recovery, 1 TENS

Helps you cope with long duration aerobic activities and increases muscle resistance to fatigue by building slow twitch muscle fibers.
An all-around program for endurance and strength, building both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.
Facilitates relaxation aid of muscles and helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness following competition or demanding workouts.
Helps decrease the intensity of pain and increase motion and function.

Designed to Help Support and Protect:

  • (EMS) Stimulate Nerve Fibers
  • (EMS) Improvement of Different Muscular Qualities
  • (EMS) Make Your Muscles Work Without cardio-vascular
    or mental fatigue
  • (EMS) Limited Stress on the Joints and Tendons
  • (TENS) deliver electrical pulses through the skin
    and afferent nerves to help control pain

Best for:

  • Pre-Workout
  • During Workout
  • Post-Workout
  • Pain Relief

Quick Start Insctructions

1. Read Compex® User Manual thoroughly. (Available at

2. Connect the cables - The color-coded cables plug into the electrode sockets on the bottom of the device.

3. Connect the electrodes - Each electrode cable has a red snap (positive lead) and a black snap (negative lead). Connect the lead by snapping the lead on the electrode.

4. Electrode placement - Position yourself comfortably in the position shown in the Electrode Placement Guide. Place each electrode pad according to the guide diagram.

5. First time use - Hold down the power button for 2 seconds, the language menu will appear. Select your language, set the date, and time.

6. Push the confirmation button (B) to select the category, and then select desired program.

7. Select the appropriate body part, and the level (recommended to begin at level 1). Then click Confirmation button (B).

8. Adjust stimulation energy on the multiple channels by pressing the channel button and adjust up or down on the center navigation wheel. Stimulation energy is displayed above the channel button. Increase stimulation energy upward to the maximum comfort level and muscle contraction.

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Product Questions

Compex® Edge 3.0

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Compex® Edge 3.0

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