Your Guide to Cheerleading and Gymnastics Injuries

Cheerleading and gymnastics are growing sports among youth, high school, and college athletes and at the professional level. Both cheerleading and gymnastics involve a lot of jumping, dance moves, tumbling and stunts. As formations and routines become more and more complex and the desire to compete at a high-level continues to grow, the statistics for injuries continue to increase. In this guide, learn about the common injuries sustained by cheerleaders and gymnasts, what you can do to prevent them and how to help recover from them.

Common Cheerleading & Gymnastics Injuries

The injuries most common with cheerleading and gymnastics typically involve the ankle, knee, wrist, head, back and shoulder. Cheerleading injuries are generally more severe than gymnastics injuries and have resulted in catastrophic injuries. It is extremely important to learn about possible injuries and learn about what you can do to prevent them. Know the symptoms and causes, recognize pain, and what to do if you think you have been injured during a routine, jump, stunt or tumble, and always consult your medical professional for a proper diagnosis.

How to Prevent Common Cheerleading Injuries

Cheerleading, filled with jumps, stunts and more, come with a high risk of injury. Learn about common cheerleading injuries and how to prevent them.

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