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ColPac - Blue Vinyl - Standard - 11 in x 14 in (28 cm x 36 cm)


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Reusable cold pack designed to deliver relief from acute pain and swelling.
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Is the Chattanooga ColPac - Blue Vinyl - Standard Right for me?

Whether you have a swelling, chronic pain, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, or sprains and strains, the standard sized reusuable Chattanooga ColPac ice pack delivers cold therapy lasting up to 30 minutes. The standard size of 11" x 14" makes it perfect to sooth any shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, wrist, or hip injuries. Made with durable blue vinyl, this cold pack is soft and flexible, allowing you to re-use many times. Easy to use, simply freeze and apply, molding to the injured area for targeted pain relief.

Designed to:

  • Treat acute pain
  • Relieve aches/soreness
  • Reduce swelling and bruising

Best for:

  • Post-injury
  • Post-workout
  • Any shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, wrist, or hip injuries

About the Reusable ColPac Standard Size Blue Vinyl Cold Pack

Designed to relieve pain to treat, bruises, sprains, strains and swelling with the Chattanooga ColPac Blue Vinyl Standard. Delivering up to 30 minutes of soothing relief, use after an injury to control the inflammation of soft tissue. Simply lay down and place a thin towel or cloth between your skin and the ice pack, and ice. With this reusable ice pack, you can use it again and again to treat any injury. Meant for cold therapy only; is not designed for hot therapy.

Standard size of 11" x 14" which is ideal for shoulder, back, neck, knee, ankle or hip injuries.

Product Features...and the benefits you'll experience!

Delivering instant pain relief to treat fever, bruises, sprains, strains and swelling, the Chattanooga ColPac Blue Vinyl Standard Size ice pack offers:

Durable blue vinyl is perfect to re-use for all of your therapy needs.
Reduce pain from acute pain, swelling or fevers
Stays cold for up to 30 minutes at time
Silica gel filling to form around injured area

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Item # Description
1510 Blue Vinyl ColPaC® - Eye
1502 Blue Vinyl ColPaC® - Strip - 3" x 11" - (8 cm x 28 cm)
1504 Blue Vinyl ColPaC® - Quarter Size - 5.5 x 7.5 (14 cm x 19 cm)
1506 Blue Vinyl ColPaC® - Half Size - 7.5 x 11" (19 cm x 28 cm)
1500 Blue Vinyl ColPaC® - Standard Size - 11" x 14" (28 cm x 36 cm)
1512 Blue Vinyl ColPaC® - Oversize - 11" x 21" (28 cm x 53 cm)
1508 Vinyl ColPaC® - Neck Contour - 23" (58 cm)
Product Questions (2)

Product Questions

Chattanooga ColPac - Blue Vinyl - Standard - 11 in x 14 in (28 cm x 36 cm)

Product Questions

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  • Guillermo at 7/23/2016 4:31 PM
    • Which Colpac do you recommend for IT Band syndrome?
    • The Standard Colpac,11-x-14-28-cm-x-36-cm would be the correct size for an IT Band Syndrome.
  • Dr. Lovemore at 6/25/2016 1:32 PM
    • Does this unit freeze into stiffness or is a soft and playable when frozen?
    • The ColPac will remain pliable when frozen.
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Chattanooga ColPac - Blue Vinyl - Standard - 11 in x 14 in (28 cm x 36 cm)

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    Customer Reviews 12 item(s)

    My Favorite Ice Pack

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    I have used many different reusable ice packs in my life time and this ColPac is the best. First off, the material is great, it is slightly thicker than your standard ice pack which feels a lot more durable. The cold pack is filled with gel and is moldable which helps you completely cover the area you are trying to ice.

    I use this ice pack for everything! I ice my knees after a run or playing basketball. My right ankle tends to get sore from an old injury, so I use this Colpac anytime I feel any soreness. I suffer from carpal tunnel and it helps soothe the pain almost instantly. I've also used it when I don't feel well and have a headache or a fever. It feels great and cools you down quickly. I love this ice pack and love that they have different sizes.
    Posted on September 15, 2016

    Bought these after using them in physical therapy

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    After an accident and surgery on both knees, I went to physical therapy 3 times a week. The Chattanooga Colpac was my favorite part of the session. It helped so much with the aches and pains, I looked forward to therapy. I thought they would be too expensive or not sold outside of medical practice. They were so affordable I bought 4 of the 11x14 Colpacs. I keep them in the freezer and pull one or two out anytime I need some relief. So glad I found them,
    Pros: Very affordable; large enough to completely cover a significant area (like a shoulder, upper or lower leg, knee, etc.); stays consistently cold during the 15-20 minutes it's used; very high quality
    Cons: None
    Share Your Usage: Recovering from Injury, Recently Injured, Daily Use
    Posted on August 20, 2017

    finally, a large ice pack

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    large enough for a back problem or for a limb. durable and cold
    Pros: size and durability
    Cons: none found
    Share Your Usage: Recovering from Injury
    Posted on July 25, 2017


    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    My wonderful family surprised me with it. I use it on my new total knee replacement. If you need one, this is the Cadillac of one.
    Posted on September 21, 2016


    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    This ice pack really stays cold for about 2 hrs so it can be moved around and still works. It is comfortable on the skin although I prefer to wrap it in a pillowcase so I don't feel the wetness of the pack as it melts some.
    Pros: Easy to use. Stays cold for a long time. Light weight. Will conform to the area being covered.
    Share Your Usage: Recovering from Injury
    Posted on July 12, 2017

    Very good. Thanks.

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Very good product. I bought some other brands, but never as good as your cold packs and the size we need. Thanks to all your staff.
    Posted on September 22, 2016

    If Ice Therapy is recommended this is the product for you.

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Best Ice Pack
    Posted on July 24, 2016

    Great product!

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    After having surgery and physical therapy it comes in handy to have your own.
    Posted on September 30, 2016

    Good quality

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Well made, right size
    Pros: Stays cold
    Cons: One has to be thawed out more, stays too frozen. The other cold pack is fine.
    Share Your Usage: Daily Use
    Posted on March 21, 2018


    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Best Ice pack I've ever used
    Posted on December 7, 2016

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