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Cloud Imprint™ HD Insoles


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Attention Medicare Patients

On-demand, customizable insoles that deliver personalized arch support, precision fit and comfort.

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Since no two feet are alike, why should you be stuck wearing pre-made insoles that don't fit your feet accurately? Whether you have foot pain or need support, the BLUPRINT™ Cloud Imprint™ HD insole is a customizable insole that molds to the shape of your foot within minutes delivering precision fit, comfort and support to help revive tired feet.

Designed to:

  • Help alleviate common foot,
    arch and heel pain
  • Provide a custom impression of your
    unique arch and foot shape
  • Provide total surface contact

Best for:

  • Foot Comfort
  • Daily Wear

About BLUPRINT Cloud Imprint HD Insoles

With patent pending mold-on-demand technology, the BLUPRINT™, Cloud Imprint™ HD insole shapes to your foot within minutes. Delivering a customizable, precise fit, the Cloud Imprint HD insole helps reduce foot pain while providing personalized arch support, improved stability, and natural alignment so you can live a healthy, active lifestyle in comfort. The beauty of the Cloud Imprint HD insole is that you can customize the insoles within minutes in the comfort of your own home. No more waiting days or weeks for custom inserts. Step, mold and go!

Features & Benefits

Precision Fit
A customizable fit helps unify the foot and shoe to offer personalized comfort.
Imprint Layer
The proprietary imprint top layer of soft gel creates a custom impression of your unique arch and foot shape to help support the foot
Total Surface Contact
Evenly distributes weight and pressure to help eliminate hot spot pressure points and voids between the foot and shoe
Pain Relief
Designed to help alleviate common foot, arch and heel pain, including some symptoms of plantar fasciitis
PU Foam Foundation
Durable cushioning helps minimize repetitive stress on the foot and joints throughout the kinetic chain
Dual Heel Support
Heel stabilizer aligns and stabilizes the foot to improve stability while the heel cradle optimizes cushioning and comfort.
Arch Support
Customization of your arch/unique foot shape helps to naturally support the alignment the foot and ankle
Natural Alignment
The combination of design and material works to optimize foot and ankle positions and helps to align the kinetic chain

10 Step Process

  1. Remove your current insoles from your shoes.
  2. Take the insoles from your shoes and place them back to back with the Cloud Imprint HD insoles.
  3. Trace the outline of your old insoles toe shape onto the Cloud Imprint HD inserts.
  4. Using the outline, trim the Cloud imprint HD insoles to proper toe shape.
  5. For best results, active each insole one at a time. Activate the new insoles by pressing the top layer with your hands.
  6. Once activated, place the Cloud Imprint HD inserts into your shoes.
  7. Step into your shoes, stand up.
  8. Rock back and forth, heel to toe, until the insole is fully activated.
  9. Walk around for up to a minute then stand still with weight evenly distributed. Allow three to five minutes for the insoles to mold.
  10. Once complete, go about your day in complete comfort and support.
Size Chart & Fit Help
Womens 4.5 - 5   4.5 - 5
Womens 5.5 - 6   5.5 - 6
Womens 6.5 - 7   6.5 - 7
Womens 7.5 - 8   7.5 - 8
Mens 7 - 7.5 / Womens 8.5 - 9 7 - 7.5 8.5 - 9
Mens 8 - 8.5 / Womens 9.5 - 10 8 - 8.5 9.5 - 10
Mens 9 - 9.5 / Womens 10.5 - 11 9 - 9.5 10.5 - 11
Mens 10 - 10.5 / Womens 11.5 - 12 10 - 10.5 11.5 - 12
Mens 11 - 11.5 11 - 11.5  
Mens 12 - 12.5 12 - 12.5  
Mens 13 - 13.5 13 - 13.5  
Mens 14 - 14.5 14 - 14.5  

Insole Sizing Based on Shoe Size

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BluPrint™ Cloud Imprint™ HD Insoles

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BluPrint™ Cloud Imprint™ HD Insoles

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    Five Stars

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Follow the direction and you will love them
    Pros: Custom and comfortable
    Cons: Follow the instructions for best fit
    Posted on December 19, 2017

    Like a Cloud

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Best insoles I have ever had!
    Pros: Wow...very comfortable
    Cons: follow instructions for custom fit
    Posted on December 19, 2017

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