What You Can Do About Youth Football Injuries on the Rise

Many youth are involved in football these days from your local Pop Warner league to middle school and high school leagues. Kids are playing in flag football and tackle football games and injuries are on the rise. These injuries range from concussions to overuse injuries to trauma. The statistics on youth injuries is alarming. In fact, injuries like concussions are causing some high schools to cut programs and players to stop playing.

Despite injuries, there is still going to be high involvement in football. Football is the core of many high school athletics. Young kids are brought up and trained through their local football leagues to play in high school, college and the hopes of playing in the NFL. This makes it increasingly important to educate athletes, coaches and parents about the possible injuries associated with playing football and how injuries can be prevented and what you can do if you are injured.

We’ve put together this handy guide for anyone involved in football – at any level – to be able to learn and take action to protect themselves and prevent injuries.

Please pass this onto your players, your parents, your booster club, your coaches, your trainers or read through them for yourself.

5 Common Football Injuries / Part 1

5 Common Football Injuries

Learn about 5 common football injuries and how they might happen. Of 1.5 million young men who participate in American football, about 1.2 million football-related injuries occur each year. -National Institute of Health. Read More…


Football Injury Prevention / Part 2

Football Injury PreventionThe key to injury prevention is to well prepare your body for the worst. Learn how to take precautions in preventing major football injuries.  Read More…



Football Injury Recovery / Part 3

Football Injury RecoveryIf you’ve been injured, what can you do? Learn about how to treat and recover from various football injuries from ligament injuries to shoulder, wrist, ankle and more. Read More…



Infographic: Guide to ACL Injuries

ACL Injuries InfographicDid you know that 60-80% of ACL tears result from no contact? This infographic is an easy-to-understand guide on ACL injuries, how it happens, who it affects, and how you can prevent it.  View Infographic…


Preventing Injuries in Linemen

Preventing Lineman InjuriesLinemen are 25% more prone to ACL injuries. With high impact, play after play, it is crucial linemen protect their knees. Learn about bracing for offensive linemen. Read More…



What is the Best Football Brace for Your Position?

Best Football Knee BraceProtect your knees this football season and learn about the top braces for football players, what they do, what position they are ideal for, and which one is best for you. Read More…


Parent’s Guide to Buying a Football Knee Brace

Parent's Guide to Buying a Football Knee Brace for Your ChildAre you looking to buy a knee brace for your football player? Get your questions answered about the different types of braces available and find out which one is ideal for your child. Read More…



Football can be fun but staying safe is more important.  Check out our football injury guide for more specific information about injuries, causes, symptoms and treatment.  Looking for a brace, shop in our football category for wrist, knee, ankle and shoulder supports.

Have a great season!

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