Wrist Injuries From Falling

One of the most common causes of wrist injuries is due to falling. Our natural reaction when falling is to brace the impact with our wrist. While this does reduce the force on the rest of the body, the brunt of the impact is taken on by our delicate wrist joint, leading to wrist sprains, fractures and even breaks.

If you participate in activities where there is risk of falling, then it’s important to learn the correct techniques for falling safely to protect yourself from injury. You can do this by wearing wrist braces that help absorb the impact of the fall. They also help stabilize the wrist after an injury and minimizes unnatural movement on the joint.

Here are a couple of our top maximum support wrist braces that can help minimize injury to the wrist:

DonJoy CXT and SXT Wrist Brace – One of the strongest and most durable wrist braces on the market and perfect for heavy-duty sports.

DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support – Great for general wrist injuries and is designed for everyday use.

Start protecting your wrists from fall injuries today!