The Popular Aircast Walking Braces

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Ever since I’ve started writing for I can’t help but eyeball every person who walks by me with a brace on. I like to see if they’re wearing the products I’ve become so familiar with. I’ve observed tons of DonJoy braces on people… but there’s one thing that goes unchanged:

Every person in a medical walking boot that I’ve seen was wearing an Aircast Walking Brace!

There are plenty of walking braces out there, but based on what I’ve personally observed, my guess is that Aircast is the most popular brand. Their walking braces are designed with the same protection and healing as their signature product, the Aircast Air-Stirrup. They have a hard outer shell that protects the foot from impact and provide stabilization for a healing foot or ankle injury.

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Manteo Mitchell Helped by Walking Boot

Talk about toughness! The U.S. Men’s 4×400 relay team was plagued by injury, but none of them top it off like Manteo Mitchell. About halfway through his leg of the preliminary race, he heard a pop and immediately knew something was wrong. With his teammates in mind, he finished his portion and then limped to the sidelines.

After the race Manteo Mitchell learned that he had a complete break of his left fibula (calf bone). Basically, he ran 200 meters with a broken leg and still finished with a very respectable time of 46.1 seconds. In fact, the U.S. team tied with the Bahamas for the fastest time ever in the first round of an Olympic relay race.

Mitchell will spend the next 4-6 weeks on crutches and in a walking brace. Walking braces, also known as medical walking boots, help support the injury while it heals. The walking brace stabilizes the bones and protects the leg from impact with its hard exterior shell. Earlier in the week Mitchell had slipped on stairs and fallen, but thought nothing of it. It’s amazing how a such a small incident led to a large injury. The human body accomplishes incredible feats, and it’s a good thing that we have devices like walking boots to support us!

Do I need a walker boot?

Do I need a walker boot?

You’ll definitely need to talk with your doctor if you think you might be in need of a walker boot, often referred to as a walking brace. ┬áThe reason we suggest you talk to your doctor is you could have a small fracture and not even realize it, so x-rays are typically needed to properly diagnose your injury.

That being said, there is a variety of walking braces and supports available on the market, each designed for different ailments and different treatments. For instance, someone suffering from a foot trauma can wear a walking brace after the operation to help it heal. There are also walking supports designed to provide stability to ankles damaged by acute sprains.

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