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Dress Up Your Aircast, DonJoy or ProCare Walking Boot

Walking Brace Accessories for the Fashion-Minded!

One of the biggest gripes patients have about medical walking boots is the way they look – especially the ladies!  Great news: We’ve got the perfect solution if you’ve recently been put into a walking brace and are concerned about your appearance.

CastMedic Designs offers over 60 fashion accessories for medical walking boots so you can customize your brace to match your outfits. These include:

  • Wrap-Its – Faux-fur cuffs that wrap around the top of the brace.
  • Strap-Its – Decorative flowers and faux-fur pom-poms that can be attached to any strap on the boot (or worn on your outfit after you’ve healed from injury).
  • Click-Its – Pin buttons that can be worn on any strap on the boot, and include kid-friendly designs
  • Sock-Its – Decorative socks that can be worm as the liner of the boot, including leopard and houndstooth prints.

For more fashionable examples or to shop now, visit https://www.castmedicdesigns.com now!

Aircast Accessories for Walking Braces

Because our feet carry the weight of our entire body, foot injuries can be a major hindrance to daily activities. Just getting around from room to room can be a painful experience without added support, which is why many doctors recommend patients wear a medical walking boot after foot injuries or surgery.

If you ever find yourself wearing a walking brace, keep in mind that there are many accessories to help make the healing process easier. Here are three of our favorite accessories for walking boots that we sell on BetterBraces.com:

Aircast Sock Liner – A soft and comfortable replacement liner to keep your foot warm and comfortable when wearing your Aircast walking brace. Helps reduce skin irritation and rashes.

ProCare Evenup Shoe Balancer – If you ever put on your walking brace to find that your other leg is now shorter, look no further! The ProCare Evenup Shoe Balancer is designed to help equalize your limb length. It’s easy to put on and reduces strain on your body.

Aircast Heel Wedge – Designed to be inserted into Aircast walking boots to provide additional Achilles tendon support. You can adjust the number of heel wedges used to the amount of support you desire.