What is Shoulder Separation?

Many people think that shoulder separation is the same as a dislocated shoulder. In his latest blog, Dr. Kevin McIntyre of Burlington Sports Therapy explains that they’re actually different and shares more about shoulder separation. Here is an excerpt:

“Put your hand on your clavicle (or collar bone as many people call it) and follow it outwards as far as you can toward your shoulder; that big bump at the end on the top of your shoulder is called your acromioclavicular joint or “AC joint”. Traumatic injuries to this joint are common accounting for 9% of injuries to the shoulder. Sprain of the AC joint is often referred to as a separated shoulder.”

Check out the full article and learn more about shoulder separation, symptoms and how to treat it. One of these treatments for shoulder separation may involve wearing a shoulder brace to help support the shoulder as it heals. If you are experiencing shoulder pain or soreness, especially after a traumatic injury, consult your doctor for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.


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The shoulder has the widest range of motion of all the joints in the body. As such, it’s also one of the joints that is most susceptible to injury. The next time you watch a football game, pay attention to the amount of strain the players puts on their shoulder. It’s amazing more athletes don’t get hurt!

Wearing a shoulder brace can help keep your shoulder safe when playing sports. They help support the shoulder and provide stabilization during impact. That’s why we recommend the DonJoy Sully Shoulder Support.

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