Quick Tips to Prevent Injuries in Runners

Running is a popular way for people to stay in shape. It’s easy to do, and you don’t even need a gym membership. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that running can be tough on your body. It’s not as low-impact as you may think. Here are some ways to avoid joint pain and injuries from running:

  • Warm up with a brisk walk for about a quarter mile to half mile before you start your run.
  • Stretch before and after running.
  • Run on soft surfaces. If there is a track nearby, it’s much better for your knees than running on concrete surfaces. (Note: If running on a track, make sure to change directions often since you’re running in a circle.)
  • Wear knee braces for running to help give extra support to your knees. If you have had ankle sprains or injuries in the past, you may want to use ankle braces as well.
  • Wear proper shoes. Replace them when the inside or outside of the sole wears down.

These simple tips can help protect your joints from pain when running. If you do experience leg or back pain after running, reduce the amount of running or take a few days off. If pain persists, check with your doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms.