How to Treat Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common occurrence. One night of bad sleep, long hours at a desk job, sitting in traffic – these are all things that can cause neck pain. Dr. Kevin McIntyre of Burlington Sports Therapy describes some different treatments for alleviating pain in the neck. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“When you stretch your neck, does it really help?  For many people, sitting at the work station makes their neck and shoulders very stiff and sore.  The obvious thing to do is to stretch the area.  Unfortunately for most people, stretching this area feels good for a few minutes but the pain doesn’t really change in the long-term.  Have you tried strengthening?”

Read the full article to learn more about strengthening the neck and other neck pain treatment. You can also check out some of our neck braces and cervical collars which can help support the neck when recovering from injury.