What You Can Do About Youth Football Injuries on the Rise

Many youth are involved in football these days from your local Pop Warner league to middle school and high school leagues. Kids are playing in flag football and tackle football games and injuries are on the rise. These injuries range from concussions to overuse injuries to trauma. The statistics on youth injuries is alarming. In fact, injuries like concussions are causing some high schools to cut programs and players to stop playing.

Despite injuries, there is still going to be high involvement in football. Football is the core of many high school athletics. Young kids are brought up and trained through their local football leagues to play in high school, college and the hopes of playing in the NFL. This makes it increasingly important to educate athletes, coaches and parents about the possible injuries associated with playing football and how injuries can be prevented and what you can do if you are injured.

We’ve put together this handy guide for anyone involved in football – at any level – to be able to learn and take action to protect themselves and prevent injuries.

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Braces for Summer Sports

Summer is here in full force, and so are summer sports!  Swimming, surfing, beach volleyball and more.  Plus more people are taking to outdoor activities such as jogging, walking, rock climbing and rollerblading. It’s time to pull out the sun block… and don’t forget to protect your joints while you’re out playing.

Like all activities, summer sports can cause injuries.  Check out the following braces and supports so you can have fun in the sun and have peace of mind.

Knee Braces – Running in the sand or out on a field can cause ligament injuries and knee strain.  These knee supports will help protect your knees and give you added strength when you need it most.

Ankle Braces – Your ankles support your body in everything you do (except maybe sunbathing)! It’s important to wear ankle braces to get extra stabilization when participating in summer sports.

Wrist Braces – Running around always comes with a risk of falling. Most people brace their falls with their wrists, which can lead to wrist fractures and wrist sprains.  Wearing wrist braces can help prevent these injuries and keep you healthy as you’re having fun in the sun.

Enjoying the nice weather means that you don’t want to get sidelined when you’re out having fun.  Check out these braces and supports and enjoy a healthy summer!

4 Myths About Knee Braces

Wearing knee braces may help prevent injuries to the knee joint and provide extra support when it’s needed. However, many people choose not to wear them because of pre-conceived notions about knee braces. Here we dispel some of the greatest myths about knee braces.

Myth #1: Wearing knee braces won’t actually protect your knees

This is probably the biggest myth surrounding knee braces. While knee braces cannot guarantee that you won’t be injured, there have been studies which show that certain knee braces DO decrease your chances of injury. For example, DonJoy knee braces using the FourcePoint hinge have been proven to decrease the chances of non-contact ACL injuries by over 50%. They also add support and may help alleviate knee pain.1

Myth #2: Knee braces are uncomfortable.

The first thing when purchasing a knee brace is to make sure you have the correct size. This ensures adequate protection and comfort – otherwise the knee brace may be too tight (causing discomfort) or too loose (which may lead to chafing or rashes). Knee braces also come in a variety of material, so you can wear what feels the most comfortable to you. Some knee braces also have the option of open or closed popliteal (back of the knee), to offer more air flow or more warmth, depending on your needs. You can be sure to find a knee brace that’s comfortable for you since there’s so much variety!

Myth #3: Knee braces get in the way during sports.

Modern knee braces are much more streamlined than their predecessors so that they’re lightweight and don’t inhibit movement. Most athletes forget that they’re even wearing one… the knee brace just becomes part of your sports equipment. You can also purchase knee brace accessories such as a knee brace cover which helps prevent the inside hinge from rubbing against your other leg.

Myth #4: Knee braces are expensive.

Knee braces are both affordable and expensive. It all depends on what you’re looking for. There are many knee braces and supports for under $30 that provide added protection for the knee. If you want custom knee brace protection, then that can become quite pricey. It all depends on the type of protection you need for your knee and the amount you want to invest in your health. A knee brace could be the difference between avoiding injury or a ligament tear. In general most knee braces are very affordable and knowing that you’re doing everything to prevent injuries is priceless.

We hope this helps dispels some of the myths around knee braces. Check out our wide selection of knee braces today… for sports, everyday support, ligament tears, or even knee braces designed for specific conditions!

Warren et al., Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, March 2011, Volume 25(3), pp. 683-688.

Protect Your ACL During Sports

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is the most commonly injured knee ligament during sports and other physical activities. It is susceptible to tearing during sharp turns, pivoting or twisting of the leg. ACL tears often occur during activities that involve a lot of running.

Wearing knee braces that offer ACL protection may help prevent ACL tears and other similar injuries. The best ACL knee brace is the DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge. The unique technology in this hinge makes this knee brace the only one proven to decreases your chances of a non-contact ACL injury by over 50%. It applies pressure on your knee joint in four places, which helps prevent your knee from unnatural movement that causes ligament tears. Plus it’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t get in your way when you’re playing sports.

ACL injuries can take you out of the game for an entire season. Don’t get caught playing sports without knee protection. Check out the DonJoy Armor FourcePoint today!