Why Knee Brace Size is Important

People buy knee braces to help reduce knee pain, prevent injury and to protect their knees.  However, what people often underestimate is the importance of finding the right knee brace size.  Wearing the incorrect size of knee brace can prevent the support from being effective, or may even add to your risk of injury.  This is true for knee brace sizing that is too tight or too loose on your leg.

Here are some ways we have made it easy to find the knee brace size for you on BetterBraces.com:

  • Most of our knee braces are available in XS to XXL.  Some braces are even available in XXS or XXXL.
  • Find your knee brace size with the help of one of our brace experts at (800) 553-6019 or email service@betterbraces.com.
  • Use the size chart tab available on each page (under the images and to the right of the Product Description).

  • If you receive your knee brace, and it doesn’t feel right, take advantage of our generous 90-day return policy.

We hope these ways help you to find the knee brace size for you and give you peace of mind when shopping for the right knee brace size on BetterBraces.com!

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How to Determine Your DonJoy Knee Brace Size

Finding the right size knee brace is very important when selecting a knee brace. Improper size can lead to poor protection or discomfort when wearing a knee brace. That’s why we’ve created detailed instructions on each of our knee brace product pages to help you get the right size DonJoy knee brace. You can also watch this video below to learn how to measure for your DonJoy knee brace:

We offer DonJoy knee braces in the following sizes:


What Size Knee Brace Should I Choose?

There are many factors that go in to choosing the right knee brace. One of the most important factors in this selection process is knee brace sizing. Picking the wrong size could lead to inadequate protection of the knee joint and discomfort… in some cases even leading to chafing.

At BetterBraces.com, we offer knee braces of all sizes so you can pick the right one for your situation. The size you need is usually determined by the following factors: the length of your calf and thigh, circumference of the calf and thigh, and the model of the knee brace. Each of our knee brace product pages come with instructions on how to measure for the proper knee brace.

Here are the knee brace sizes we offer:


Check out our knee braces today and shop with the confidence of a 60-day money back guarantee!