Have You Seen These DonJoy Knee Brace Accessories?

Did you know that many of our DonJoy knee braces can be used with accessories to improve comfort and use? You can get items such as knee brace undersleeves and knee brace covers.

Our most popular knee brace accessory is the DonJoy Cotton/Lycra Knee Brace Undersleeve. It helps cushion your knee brace against your skin to prevent chaffing. A knee brace undersleeve also absorbs moisture from sweat during warmer months and keeps your knee warmed up during cooler months.  Another great option is the DonJoy Neoprene Knee Brace Undersleeve, which is made of a more premium, breathable material. Both options are washable!

For knee braces that are at risk of getting dirt in the hinges, we highly recommend the DonJoy Sports Knee Brace Cover.  This helps lengthen the life of your knee brace from debris and pads the frame and hinge of the brace – which is great for the brace and during contact sports where your knee brace may impact other athletes.

For more knee brace accessories that will help enhance the comfort and fit of your DonJoy knee brace, check out our official DonJoy accessories page.

Featured Product: DonJoy Knee Brace Undersleeve

DonJoy Knee Brace Undersleeve (Cotton/Lycra)
DonJoy Knee Brace Undersleeve (Cotton/Lycra)

Knee braces can sometimes be uncomfortable because the rigid parts and surfaces can cause chaffing, rashes or other skin irritation. Wearing a knee brace undersleeve can prevent these issues from happening and help make wearing a knee brace much more comfortable and sustainable for long periods of time.

Our best selling knee brace accessory is the DonJoy Knee Brace Undersleeve (Cotton/Lycra). In addition to protecting your skin, it also helps keep your knee warmer during cooler months and reduces moisture during warmer times. It’s easy to use, even for individuals with arthritis, and machine-washable so you can easily clean the undersleeve along with your regular laundry.

You can also check out the DonJoy Neoprene Knee Brace Undersleeve if you prefer an undersleeve made from neoprene material.