Why You Should Wear Knee Braces and Back Braces While Gardening

Did you know that even the simplest tasks can cause wear and tear on your joints? Even ordinary chores such as gardening can cause prolonged joint pain, especially in the knees and back.

Now that it’s Fall (with Winter just around the corner!), make sure you pay attention to how you’re treating your body when gardening. Issues in the joints can occur when raking leaves, stooping down to pick up weeds, digging, laying sod, or even when bending over to water a hard to reach plant.

In order to help reduce your chances of injury while working in the yard, we recommend braces for the back and knee while gardening. These gardening braces help support your joints during bending and twisting motions. This helps minimize joints from moving out of place and lowers your chances of injury. Gardening braces can be especially helpful if you’ve had a previous injury, since an injury may leave your back or knee more susceptible to re-injury.

Here are some braces that can be worn while gardening:

Braces for the Back While Gardening

DonJoy Back Brace – Provides compression all around the back for lower back support, and is adjustable for your needs. It’s also easy to use and the breathable material makes it ideal to wear while gardening.

DonJoy ComfortFORM Back Support – A great general purpose back brace and ideal for extra joint protection while gardening. It’s designed to help promote proper back alignment.

Braces for the Knee While Gardening

DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace – One of our bestselling knee braces. Webbed design helps disperse energy and pressure around the knee, for more balanced, controlled activity. It may be especially helpful for gardeners with previous knee injuries.

DonJoy Performer Knee Support – Great for mild support of the knee. Provides all around compression to minimize knee strain and reduces pressure on the knee cap.

Back Braces and Knee Braces for Gardening

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to start gardening! However, along with warmer weather, it also means long hours of bending over, pulling weeds and planting flowers. These activities may cause both knee pain and back pain.

Wearing knee braces may help alleviate gardening knee pain by providing compression and support around the joint. They are ideal for gardeners who have a previous history of knee pain. Knee braces are also great for helping prevent the onset of knee pain and injuries.

Wearing a back brace can help prevent back injuries and back pain. Like knee braces, back braces offer compression and support, which helps to align the disks in the back properly. They also help individuals maintain proper posture when gardening, thus reducing the risk of back injury.

Gardening should be something we enjoy, not a chore. And even more so it should be something that we can enjoy without harming our joints. Learn more about knee braces and back braces today!