Best Knee Braces for Runners

Most runners experience knee pain or injury at some point in their life. The continuous force between your legs and the ground puts strain on the cartilage and ligaments that support the knees. In addition to proper conditioning, supportive shoes, and running on softer surfaces, running knee braces can help prevent or alleviate knee pain. Here are some of the best knee braces for runners:

  • DonJoy Cross Strap – This running knee band provides pain relief without restricting movement while running. It applies pressure to the patellar tendon, which helps hold the tendon in place during impact between your foot and the ground. Very comfortable and easy to put on.
  • DonJoy Performer Knee Brace – This running knee brace provides maximum protection for runners. It has a sewn-in pad for additional knee support, and straps to hold your calf and thighs in their natural range of motion.
  • DonJoy Elastic Knee Sleeve – This running knee sleeve comes with metal supports running vertically down either side of the knee. This helps prevent the knee from moving incorrectly side to side. The sleeve is made of breathable, lightweight elastic for a comfortable fit.

Next time you go out on a jog remember to keep your body safe with a knee brace for running!