DonJoy Reaction Basketball Knee Brace

There’s no denying that basketball players, whether professionals or street players, are hard on their knees. From running, jumping and twisting the body at high speeds, the knees and ligaments can take the grunt of the force. The DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Brace is for basketball players recovering from prior injury or seeking added protection to prevent future issues.

Basketball Knee Braces

Anterior knee pain is caused by runners knee or jumpers knee at the front of the knee. The webbing design absorbs shock from running and jumping to help protect from injury. The brace shifts the weight away from the knee allowing you stay on the court longer. The webbing over the knee moves and flexes when you do, adding comfort and stability.

Traditional knee braces are stiff and uncomfortable, but players love the brace’s adjustable, breathable and comfortable open framework. An undersleeve is also included with the brace adding for even more comfort during use. Even if you’re not treating an existing injury, wearing the DonJoy Reaction WEB is a great idea to prevent any damage to the area.

Basketball Knee Braces May Help With Basketball Knee Injuries

One of the big fears every basketball player has is a season-ending knee injury. China’s Olympic basketball player Yi Jianlian can attest to that – he’s been struggling with a knee injury for several days now, and it’s clear to viewers and teammates that it’s affecting his game – and the scores.

To help prevent basketball knee injuries from happening in the first place, many professional and recreational basketball players wear basketball knee braces. They help support and stabilize the knee, reducing your chance of ligament injuries. Some athletes wear knee straps which also help with pain from tendonitis and jumper’s knee. With all the running and stress on the joints, basketball knee braces take a key part in battling knee injuries during basketball.

Basketball knee braces can also help after an injury has occurred. Many injuries that athletes suffer are actually re-injuries of issues that have happened in the past. Knee braces give added support to prevent the knee joint from moving out of place, minimizing the time that your knee is in at “at risk” position for re-injury.

Check out these basketball knee braces and get the protection you deserve during the pre-season.

Basketball ACL Tears & ACL Protection

ACL tears are a common injury for basketball players of all levels, from recreational to collegiate and even professional level athletes. In fact, one of the major injuries that recently hit the headlines is rookie Ricky Rubio’s ACL tear. Experts are saying that he’ll probably be out the rest of the season for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and will be unable to play for Spain during the 2012 Olympics. As you can see, ACL tears can interfere with your ability to participate in the sport you love.

Wearing an ACL knee brace can help prevent ACL tears and keep you in the game. The best basketball knee brace is the DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace. It helps stabilize the area around the knee joint to prevent the leg from moving unnaturally in ways that will stretch your ACL. The DonJoy Playmaker is really great for basketball because of its breathable material that keeps the leg cool and dry. It’s also designed so that it won’t get in your way while you’re playing defense or making layups, but still offers great protection against ACL injuries.

If you enjoy playing basketball, be sure to add the DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace as part of your equipment before getting on the court!

Basketball Braces for Joint Protection

Holly B. is an active professional in her late twenties who spends her free time playing recreational flag football and league basketball. She recently tore her ACL and will be sharing her experiences with us as she works towards getting back into sports.

I don’t think I’ve ever participated in any competitive or recreational basketball league without seeing fellow players get hurt. Athletes are bound to get hurt with all the running, quick changes in speed, sharp turns, jumping, and landing in basketball. The most common injuries are knee injuries and ankle injuries.

The knee is susceptible to injury during basketball because of the pivoting involved with the sport. This positioning puts the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) at risk, especially if another player collides with you. I’ve also witnessed fellow teammates injure their ACL during layups or even when no other player is near them. I’ve also known basketball players who experience patellar tendonitis, which means that their tendon in the kneecap is inflamed. This is usually caused by overuse to the knee.

You can help prevent knee injuries during basketball by wearing basketball knee braces. They reduce the amount of time your knee is at an “at risk” position for ligament tears and may be helpful in preventing non-contact ACL tears. Knee straps for basketball may also help prevent inflammation of the patellar tendon, which may help keep you on the court.

The ankle is susceptible to injury during basketball because of all the turning and jumping in the sport. One simple misstep can cause the ankle to rollover, stretching the ligaments in your ankle and causing an ankle sprain. I still remember going up for a rebound and landing on another player’s shoe. This caused my foot to hit the ground on its side, sending a shock of pain up my leg. Luckily, my ankles are very flexible, so I was only slightly sore… but it showed me how close I came to injuring my ankle!

You can reduce your chances of spraining your ankle by wearing basketball ankle braces. They help bring stability to your ankle so you’re less likely to have a rollover incident. Most players I knew didn’t wear ankle braces until after they got hurt. I’d recommend wearing an ankle brace before you get hurt — especially because I’ve learned that spraining your ankle once makes you more susceptible to injuring it again in the future.

Ever since my injury I’ve really been more aware of how my activities affect my health, so wearing basketball braces is super important for anyone that wants to protect their joints while participating in sports. As with any injury, your doctor will be the best source of advice on the appropriate treatment for your situation.