Your Ankles Always Hurt – Tips to Beat Chronic Ankle Instability

You can fight through nagging quad aches or shoulder discomfort, but chronic foot and ankle pain can throw a wrench into your whole routine.

Your feet and ankles are your tools to get you from one point to another. You’re constantly on your feet, whether you’re walking around the office or running on a track. Your feet and ankles are the foundation to your daily activities.

Your feet and ankles are tough; they can hold a great deal of weight and handle various movement. But when overworked, over trained or neglected, they’ll begin to hurt. If left ignored, you’ll begin to deal with chronic ankle instabilities. Continue reading →

Never Tape Again: DonJoy Performance Launches POD, Revolutionary Ankle Support for Athletes

Pod Ankle for Soccer
No more taping to protect your ankle. Choose ankle bracing that prevents your ankle from rolling over tape. Taping is inefficient, time consuming, and wasteful. Today, DonJoy Performance releases a new “Protection On Demand” ankle brace that features patent-pending technology to prevent ankle rolls and sprains without limiting range of motion:  POD Ankle Brace.

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Aircast Airsport Helps Prevent Ankle Sprains During Sports

A few days ago we posted about chronic ankle instability. When someone has chronic ankle instability, it means that he or she is constantly at risk for re-injuring their ankle. Certain sports make you more prone to ankle sprains and injuries, which is why wearing an ankle brace is important. The Aircast Airsport is recommended to help prevent ankle sprains during sports. Watch the video below to see how this brace protects your ankle and how easy this ankle brace is to use.

Learn more about how the Aircast Airsport guards against rollovers and ankle injuries.

Aircast Ankle Braces – The Best Ankle Protection

Ankle injuries happen when the foot twists or rolls beyond its natural motion. Sprains can occur when landing from a jump, while running, or even during something as simple as crossing the street. Because your ankles support your entire body, it is important to get the best ankle support for your feet during rehabilitation.

Aircast ankle braces have been the “standard of care” for the functional management of ankle injuries since 1978. Functional management means that even though you’re wearing an ankle brace, that you can still continue your daily activities while recovering from your injury. This is important to your recovery process because you can continue to strengthen the ankle while receiving the ankle support you need.

Aircast ankle braces have been cited in over 100 medical journals for their superior performance in helping heal ankle injuries and is the #1 doctor recommended ankle brace manufacturer in the world.