Tennis Ankle Injuries – Do I need an ankle brace?

Tennis Ankle Braces
Tennis Ankle Braces

We are often asked about the importance of wearing an ankle brace or ankle support for tennis or other court sports.  There are usually two groups of people:

1. Those that have never sprained their ankle

2. Those that have sprained their ankle in the past

For those of you in the group that have never sprained your ankle the only reason you’d consider wearing an ankle brace is for prevention.  So is worth strapping on an ankle brace just as a precautionary measure?  To you I say yes.  It only takes one ankle sprain to make you more suceptable to ankle sprains in the future.  In other words, the more you sprain your ankle the more you will sprain your ankle.

Now that you are aware of how common ankle sprains are, you should be convinced you might want to get a pair of ankle braces. Note we recommend wearing braces on both ankles even if you only have issues in one of them.  You want to be balanced and protect your good ankle as well.

So which ankle brace is best for tennis?

All around ankle stability:

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace – Worn by pro Andrew Murray – Lightweight, good stability, slim fit

DonJoy Stabilizing Ankle Brace – Lightweight, good stability, slim fit – very similar to if not a tad better than the popular ASO ankle brace used by a lot of tennis players.

Kallassy Ankle Brace -Worn by a lot of pros including Michael Chang – Made from a sock of neoprene, but very comfortable.  Similar feeling to an athletic tape job.

For Extra ankle stability –

DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace – This brace is truly the sturdiest brace on most comfortable brace on the market.  It is a bit bulkier than some fo the softer braces listed above, but slimmer than all the other hard shell ankle braces on the market. If you are suceptable to ankle injuries you need this brace – DonJoy did a great job on this one.

Can foot orthotics relieve knee pain?

Foot orthoses provide knee pain relief in study

Prefabricated foot orthoses are superior to flat inserts in the short-term improvement of patellofemoral pain, according to a randomized clinical trial conducted at the University of Queensland’s School of Rehabilitation and Health Sciences in Brisbane, Australia. The study was published in the British Medical Journal.1

The four study test groups included those using Vasyli Medical foot orthoses, those wearing the flat inserts (placebo), those undergoing multimodal physiotherapy, and those using a combination of physiotherapy and foot orthoses. Participating in the study were 179 subjects, aged 18 to 40, who had clinical diagnoses of patellofemoral pain.

Subjects were evaluated over a 52-week period and all groups showed long-term improvement in patellofemoral pain management with no significant differences. At six weeks, the group using the Vasyli Medical foot orthoses experienced superior levels of knee pain relief when compared with the placebo group using flat inserts.

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Foot orthoses and physiotherapy in the treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome: randomised clinical trial
Natalie Collins, PhD candidate,1 Kay Crossley, principal research fellow,2 Elaine Beller, director, biostatistics,3 Ross Darnell, statistician,1 Thomas McPoil, regents professor,4 and Bill Vicenzino, head of division, physiotherapy1

The Sports Bracing and Therapy Experts re-launch website www.betterbraces.com

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The Sports Bracing and Therapy Experts re-launch website www.betterbraces.com

New website offers additional features to enhance customer experience for knee and ankle braces for orthopedic and sport uses.

San Diego, California – October 28, 2009 – BetterBraces.com, the sports bracing and orthopedic therapy experts, is pleased to announce the re-launch of the website www.betterbraces.com. The new site continues BetterBraces.com commitment to provide customers with top quality braces and now offers added features that allow customers to tailor their shopping experience.

Rather than just choosing from an assortment of orthopedic and sport knee braces or ankle braces, customers also now have the opportunity to tailor their search based on the sport they participate in or by the injury that plagues them. According to Jason Zinn, president of www.BetterBraces.com, this functionality allows customers to draw upon the expert knowledge of the BetterBraces team and get the brace that is most suited for their particular needs.

“A football offensive linemen needs a very different knee brace than a patient suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee,” stated Zinn. “Our team of Brace Coaches has carefully reviewed every product and has determined what sport or injury that brace would work best for.”

The new www.betterbraces.com also offers an Injury Info Center as resource for customers. The Injury Info Center includes detailed information on common sports injuries, rehabilitation and therapy exercises for orthopedic injuries, as well as tips for injury prevention.

BetterBraces.com is the official source for sports and orthopedic braces, supports, and therapy products from the industry’s leading brands – DonJoy, Aircast, Compex, ProCare, and Chattanooga.



Have you ever suffered from a sports knee injury?

A sports knee injury is something that will plague many athletes.  One of the most common knee injuries is an ACL tear.  Symptoms of an ACL knee injury include immediate pain that prevents you from continuing with your activity, followed by swelling in your knee..  Hearing a “pop” is one of the most common symptoms of an ACL tear.

An athlete can prevent a sports knee injury or an ACL tear by wearing a knee brace.  Check out our selection of ACL knee braces that are specifically designed to provide extra stability to the knee.

Learn more about Tearing Your ACL.