Knee Protection for Field Sports

Some of the most enjoyable sports on the field are not very well known. These include lacrosse and field hockey.  Both are commonly played at the high school and college levels and are very competitive for the athletes involved.

Field sports such as lacrosse and hockey require a lot of running and quick changes in direction to get an edge on your opponents.  These movements also put a lot of strain on your knee… in some cases even leading to ligament tears.  Athletes may also collide with other players or take the wrong step on uneven turf, leading to other types of knee and leg injuries.

Wearing a knee brace can help alleviate stress on the knee and prevent knee injuries such as ligament tears or knee sprains.  Knee braces align the knee properly and encourages natural movement, so that your ligaments undergo less strain and athletes are less likely to injure themselves. Knee braces are especially effective in minimizing non-contact knee injuries. Check out the following knee braces:

If you play field sports such as lacrosse or field hockey, don’t neglect knee protection! Your body is at risk for injury — the same as more common sports such as football or basketball.

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