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How to Determine Your DonJoy Knee Brace Size

Finding the right size knee brace is very important when selecting a knee brace. Improper size can lead to poor protection or discomfort when wearing a knee brace. That’s why we’ve created detailed instructions on each of our knee brace product pages to help you get the right size DonJoy knee brace. You can also watch this video below to learn how to measure for your DonJoy knee brace:

We offer DonJoy knee braces in the following sizes:


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  1. Hi expert,

    May I ask if I am going for a Donjoy Armor Fourcepoint brace for my left knee that has a lcl tear from a soccer game and has been unstable whenever I run, will that be a good recommendations as compared to fullforce brace?

    And also can you also advise if I shld opt for a small or medium size for brace:
    Seems pretty in betw the small and medium sizing, hence I’m at lost which to go for a Armor brace?
    Hope to get your reply soonest.


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