Featured Product: DonJoy Spider Knee Pads

DonJoy Spider Knee Pads
DonJoy Spider Knee Pads

There are many activities benefit from having cushioning protection from knee pads. Sometimes these activities are job related – such as for tasks that require long periods of kneeling. Sports activities such as volleyball and basketball may also benefit from knee pads. If you need padded knee protection, then check out the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad.

The DonJoy Spider Knee Pad is one of the bestselling knee pads. It provides maximum cushioning around the knees using a unique honeycomb design. This design maximizes the amount of padding around the knee, and it’s made with high-impact resistant foam for even better protection. Unlike most other knee pads, it’s low profile and doesn’t get in your way while you play sports or perform other tasks. Plus it’s extremely comfortable and breathable.

If you’re looking for the best cushioning protection, check out the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad today!

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