The Benefit of Compression Gear for Baseball Players

Most athletes don’t just want to perform well, they want to look the part as well. Since many baseball players see the pros wearing compression gear, athletes at lower levels have been sporting compression garments as well. While undershirts and sleeves are stylish (they come in a number of colorways to match various uniforms), many people aren’t familiar with the actual benefits. Here’s how compression gear can help you on the field.
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Baseball Braces and Supports

Baseball season is well underway which also means that injuries during baseball are on the rise. Baseball players are at risk for injury in the knees, ankles, elbows, back, shoulders and even the wrists. There are lots of different ways these injuries can occur while playing baseball, such as when sliding in to base, long hours of squatting as a catcher, from repetitive throwing, during a powerful swing, or even simply when running.

It’s important to wear baseball braces and supports when participating in this sport. They help support and stabilize the joints to ensure that your body moves naturally. Some baseball braces also add gentle compression to provide extra strength to the areas that need it. They’re great for both preventing injuries and giving added support to those who have had previous baseball injuries.

If you participate in baseball or softball, check out our baseball braces recommended by our brace coaches today!

Baseball Injuries Are On The Rise

We recently came across an article which revealed that injuries among Major League Baseball players are increasing, even though advances are being made in sports medicine. In fact, players are sustaining more injuries today than they ever have in the past.

Articles like these help make us aware of the importance of safety when playing sports such as baseball and softball. Some of the ways baseball players can sustain injury are:

  • sliding in to base (or having another player slide in to you)
  • running after a ground ball
  • running to catch a ball
  • pitching
  • squatting for long periods of time as a catcher

Baseball braces and supports
are an essential part of baseball safety. They help provide compression and stability to reduce your chances of injury. No matter which activities you participate in, make sure to wear the right gear and stay safe!

Muscle Stimulation Can Help Improve Athletic Performance

Electronic muscle stimulators reproduce the body’s muscular contractions by applying electrical impulses to your motor nerves. You also benefit from the ability to target specific muscle groups.

A leading manufacturer of muscle stimulation devices is Compex®. Compex muscle stimulators are used by professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists to help increase athletic performance.

Recently, a study revealed that neuromuscular electrical stimulation may enhance pitching performance and recovery in baseball. Normally between innings, pitchers have to find a balance between resting (to avoid getting tired) and active exercise (to keep the shoulder and arm muscles warmed up). Electronic muscle stimulation allows baseball players to continue blood flow to the muscles without the risk of exhaustion.1

The ability to stay warmed up without fatiguing the muscles can also help in other athletic activities. Because electronic stimulation flexes your muscles with no active assistance, you can train your muscles with less risk of overuse of your joints. The conclusion? Electronic muscle stimulation may provide a safe and legal competitive advantage in baseball and other sports.

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