Video: The DJO Family of Walking Braces

DJO Global manufactures some of the top walking braces in the world. Our three brands each are catered to a specific need and are some of the top-recommended walking boots by physicians.

Aircast Walking Braces – Top of the line knee brace that reduces swelling and pain and improves healing time of foot injuries.

ProCare MaxTrax Walking Braces – The most adjustable walking boot in the DJO family so you can get a perfect, comfortable fit.

ProCare XcelTrax Walking Braces – Great for active people of all ages – lightweight design and ergonomically shaped.

Watch the video below for more information on the DJO Family of Walking Braces or learn more about our walking braces.

Now carrying ProCare braces, supports, and therapy products is now carrying the extended line of ProCare braces, supports, and therapy products.  Part of DJO Incorporated, ProCare manufactures top-of-the-line sports medicine products. ProCare is known for designing affordable products for maximum comfort and efficiency. ProCare choose only the best materials to ensure every product they manufacture is of the highest quality.  Learn more about ProCare sports medicine products.