Never Tape Again: DonJoy Performance Launches POD, Revolutionary Ankle Support for Athletes

Pod Ankle for Soccer
No more taping to protect your ankle. Choose ankle bracing that prevents your ankle from rolling over tape. Taping is inefficient, time consuming, and wasteful. Today, DonJoy Performance releases a new “Protection On Demand” ankle brace that features patent-pending technology to prevent ankle rolls and sprains without limiting range of motion:  POD Ankle Brace.

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Introducing HyperIce, a Revolutionary Compression Wrap with Ice Pack

blake griffin hyperice knee

BetterBraces now carries HyperIce, a new on the market technology that combines ice with compression right into a wrap you can wear after a hard workout to help speed up recovery and prevent injuries. HyperIce can also be used to help treat common sports injuries. The best part about it, it’s portable and designed for athletes on-the-go. Even the pros and elite athletes like Blake Griffin, Hope Solo, Lindsey Vonn, Troy Polamalu, Lebron James, and Adrian Peterson, just to name a few, cannot live without it. Continue reading →