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  1. Trying to find something to help elevate/reduce pain in my left shoulder. Jan.06,2017 I had a total reverse shoulder replacement left shoulder. Resulting from a previous accident in 1999 in whitch I broke the joint and tore a lot of conective tissue and muscle. Through the years the reconnected tissue and muscles have deteriorated resulting in the surgery. Sence the surgery I have been in a lot of pain and now go to pain management. Most of my pain comes from sleeping, shoulder gets in odd position and starts hurting so badly I can hardly move, once I get it moving it,s ok and the proses starts all over again until I awake in the morning feeling unrested and hurting all day. And being on my feet for too long shoulder seems to separate causing it to start hurting . Pain management Dr. told me a brace would restrict movement too much causing more damage. I don’t know? Your thoughts! I need some relief!!!!

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