DonJoy Reaction Basketball Knee Brace

There’s no denying that basketball players, whether professionals or street players, are hard on their knees. From running, jumping and twisting the body at high speeds, the knees and ligaments can take the grunt of the force. The DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Brace is for basketball players recovering from prior injury or seeking added protection to prevent future issues.

Basketball Knee Braces

Anterior knee pain is caused by runners knee or jumpers knee at the front of the knee. The webbing design absorbs shock from running and jumping to help protect from injury. The brace shifts the weight away from the knee allowing you stay on the court longer. The webbing over the knee moves and flexes when you do, adding comfort and stability.

Traditional knee braces are stiff and uncomfortable, but players love the brace’s adjustable, breathable and comfortable open framework. An undersleeve is also included with the brace adding for even more comfort during use. Even if you’re not treating an existing injury, wearing the DonJoy Reaction WEB is a great idea to prevent any damage to the area.


  1. I am recovering from an ACL replacement, MCL and 60% meniscus tear from a basketball injury. I currently have chronic osteoarthritis. I want to be active walking and light sports. I am looking for a brace that would accommodate my needs.

    What do you suggest?

  2. The DonJoy OA Full Force would be an excellent off the shelf option to help support and stabilize your knee during basketball, as well as provide relief to the osteoarthritis affected compartment of your knee. The DonJoy Defiance III Custom Knee Brace would also be a sound option. This brace is entirely custom and can be made to accommodate your specific injuries. The Defiance III also has a lifetime warranty on the frame hinges and hardware, and comes with the ACL Knee Guarantee.

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