Ankle Injuries in Basketball

The sport of basketball can be very demanding on the ankles. Running quickly down the court, changes in direction at high speeds, jumping for rebounds, landing, and the occasional collision with other players can cause the ankle to be overextended and overused.

The ankle is held in place by three major ligaments, which prevent the ankle from rolling too far forward, outward or inward. A twist or rollover injury of the ankle can cause a painful tear or rupture in these ankle ligaments. In addition, these injuries can cause instability and swelling, which makes it difficult for athletes to continue playing basketball immediately after an injury has occurred.

Ankle injuries must be taken seriously since this part of your leg helps support the weight of your entire body. An ankle sprain can cause even a simple activity, such as walking, to be extremely painful. A basketball player that has injured his or her ankle could be kept off the court for weeks, or even the rest of the basketball season. Make sure to protect and support your ankles when playing basketball by wearing basketball ankle braces.

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