All About Shoulder Bursitis

A few weeks ago we shared about bursitis and how these structures help reduce friction between tissues in your body. When a bursa becomes inflamed, it is known as bursitis. Bursitis can happen in many areas of the body, including knee bursitis and Achilles bursitis (in the heel). Dr. Kevin McIntyre of Burlington Sports Therapy helps explain shoulder bursitis and how to treat it. Here’s an excerpt:

Many patients come to our clinic believing they have shoulder bursitis. Shoulder bursitis is a condition in which the bursa of the shoulder gets inflamed and generates pain. What is a bursa you ask? Let’s start from the beginning…

Bursa and Bursitis

Bursa are anatomical structures that are present throughout our body. A simple way to explain them is that they are “spacers” to separate different tissues in our body to prevent friction…think of a balloon filled with pudding.  Under normal circumstances we don’t even know we have them. They are present in our shoulders, knees, hips (and other major joints) and they usually don’t cause any symptoms or signs of dysfunction. When provoked, these structures can become inflamed. When this happens they swell with fluid and create the painful condition called “bursitis”.

Check out the full article and learn more about shoulder bursitis.

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