Why Aircast Walking Boots Are So Popular

Holly B. is an active professional in her late twenties who spends her free time playing recreational flag football and league basketball. She shares her experience with us as she explores the world of sports.

After I started writing for BetterBraces.com, I started paying more attention when I saw people wearing braces and other joint supports. There was one thing I always noticed about medical walking braces.

People are almost always wearing Aircast walking boots.

That prompted me to look into why patients often wear Aircast brand medical walking boots. Here’s what I found:

Aircast walking boots may aid the healing process – Lined with foam-filled aircells, these walking boots massage your ankle as you walk, reducing swelling and edema. The strength of the hard outer shell protects the foot and ankle from further injury. Plus, Aircast walking braces assist patients in getting back to everyday activities sooner, which may help decrease healing time.

Aircast walking boots are easy to use – Compared to many other walking braces, these boots are made from durable, yet lightweight materials to maximize ease of use. They also come with a rocker sole to help relieve pressure off the bottom of the foot.

Aircast walking boots are comfortable – These walking braces are low profile, so you can walk with a normal gait. The same aircells that aid in healing also help cushion and support the foot and ankle area for the best, most natural fit.

If you’re suffering from a foot or ankle injury and need a walking boot, chances are, your doctor will want you in an Aircast walking brace. Speak with your physician to see if these are right for you and your situation, then check out our selection of Aircast walking boots!

Youth Sports: Busting Common Myths About Knee Braces

According to Statistic Brain*,  about 35 million children between the ages of 5 and 18 play sports every year. That makes youth sports one of the most common activities that kids participate in, both inside and outside of school.

With the school year underway, as well as youth sports activities, we wanted to bust some common myths about knee braces.

Knee braces are uncomfortable – While knee braces may take some getting used to, they are rarely uncomfortable. When there are complaints about knee braces being uncomfortable, it’s usually for one of two reasons. 1) The wearer is using the wrong size knee brace or 2) The wearer is using the knee brace incorrectly. Our brace coaches can help ensure that you avoid both of these issues. Our knee braces are designed for comfort – with high-quality padding and breathable material, you’ll soon forget you’re even wearing a knee brace.

Knee braces restrict movement – Nearly every knee brace is designed to conform to your body as much as possible in order to allow full movement. If anything, knee braces allow for athletes to play at their full level. Even professional athletes use braces and supports while playing sports. Speak with a brace coach as well as your doctor to find the best knee brace for your situation.

Knee braces are uncool – What’s even less cool is being sidelined for the entire season. Injuries such as torn ligaments and tendonitis have kept even the toughest athletes on the bench. Knee braces may lower your chances of injury, especially injuries from running or sudden changes in movement. If that’s the case, nothing is better than wearing protective gear while playing sports to lower your risk of injury as much as possible.

Stay safe this season: If you participate in youth sports, check out our knee braces which come in a wide array of sizes!


Only Football Pros Need Knee Braces? Think Again

Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles. These are big names in professional football who have experienced knee injuries in recent years. But they’re at risk only because they play in the big league, right? Think again.

One of the common misconceptions surrounding knee braces is that only professional players need to wear support gear. That’s simply not true. Whether you play football professionally, recreationally, or just for fun on the random occasion – your chances of injury are the same.

Football knee braces provide added support to the joint, minimizing risk of injury when running and making sudden turns during football. Knee braces for football help stabilize the shock that your knee absorbs during impact, lowering your chances of injury.

While football knee braces don’t completely eliminate your chances of injury, they certainly help reduce your risk. And as with anything, safety comes first! Speak with your doctor to see if knee braces for football are an appropriate choice for your situation, then check out BetterBraces.com for knee braces!