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Dress Up Your Aircast, DonJoy or ProCare Walking Boot

Walking Brace Accessories for the Fashion-Minded!

One of the biggest gripes patients have about medical walking boots is the way they look – especially the ladies!  Great news: We’ve got the perfect solution if you’ve recently been put into a walking brace and are concerned about your appearance.

CastMedic Designs offers over 60 fashion accessories for medical walking boots so you can customize your brace to match your outfits. These include:

  • Wrap-Its – Faux-fur cuffs that wrap around the top of the brace.
  • Strap-Its – Decorative flowers and faux-fur pom-poms that can be attached to any strap on the boot (or worn on your outfit after you’ve healed from injury).
  • Click-Its – Pin buttons that can be worn on any strap on the boot, and include kid-friendly designs
  • Sock-Its – Decorative socks that can be worm as the liner of the boot, including leopard and houndstooth prints.

For more fashionable examples or to shop now, visit https://www.castmedicdesigns.com now!

Which Knee Braces Help Arthritis in the Knee

We recently stumbled upon this question on Yahoo! Answers:

What type of knee brace is good for someone who has arthritis in the knee?

My right knee has arthritis. The pain comes and goes. I love jogging and tennis but it just kills me. I hate to give those up but will if it gets too bad. But is there any good knee braces on the market that might alleviate the pain and prevent more damage?

While knee braces can’t cure arthritis, they can definitely help alleviate pain in the knee. Many arthritis knee braces help by shifting pressure away from the unhealthy areas of the knee to the healthier areas.  Plus, by reducing pain, arthritis knee braces encourage movement and activity, helping to strengthen muscles around the knee.

There are many types of arthritis and the symptoms may vary from patient to patient. Speak with your doctor to see if arthritis knee braces are an appropriate part of treatment for your arthritis and activity level. You may want to check out some of these leading arthritis knee braces:

DonJoy OAdjuster Osteoarthritis Knee Brace – Ideal for moderate to severe ligament instabilities and post-knee surgery.
DonJoy OA Everyday
– Ideal for mild or moderate osteoarthritis and mild ligament damage for daily activity.
DonJoy OA Lite Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
– a customizable sleeve-style wrap for mild osteoarthritis.
DonJoy OA Assist Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
– for those with mild to moderate osteoarthritis to reduce pain during daily activities.
DonJoy OA FullForce Arthritis Knee Brace
– a light arthritis knee brace that helps active patients go more miles with less pain

Protect Yourself From Football Injuries This Season

Football is an intense sport that is incredibly taxing on the body. Athletes that participate in football put their bodies at risk each time they step on the field. The most commonly injured areas are the knee, shoulder, wrist and groin. Some football players also struggle with ankle injuries.

Here are some ways to reduce your chance of injury on the football field:

  • Stretch before and after working out.
  • Warm up before practice or a game.
  • If you’ve had previous injury or want to do as much as you can to prevent injuries from occurring, wear football braces for the appropriate area (ie. football knee braces).
  • Make sure your gear is not worn out and replace shoes when necessary.
  • Learn the proper techniques for blocking, tackling, catching and throwing – good footwork can be the difference between an amazing play or an injury.
  • Rest when appropriate, and see your doctor if you get hurt!

These simple steps can help greatly reduce your chances of injury this season.