Knee Protection for Field Sports

Some of the most enjoyable sports on the field are not very well known. These include lacrosse and field hockey.  Both are commonly played at the high school and college levels and are very competitive for the athletes involved.

Field sports such as lacrosse and hockey require a lot of running and quick changes in direction to get an edge on your opponents.  These movements also put a lot of strain on your knee… in some cases even leading to ligament tears.  Athletes may also collide with other players or take the wrong step on uneven turf, leading to other types of knee and leg injuries.

Wearing a knee brace can help alleviate stress on the knee and prevent knee injuries such as ligament tears or knee sprains.  Knee braces align the knee properly and encourages natural movement, so that your ligaments undergo less strain and athletes are less likely to injure themselves. Knee braces are especially effective in minimizing non-contact knee injuries. Check out the following knee braces:

If you play field sports such as lacrosse or field hockey, don’t neglect knee protection! Your body is at risk for injury — the same as more common sports such as football or basketball.

Skateboarding Ankle Injuries

Holly B. is an active professional in her late twenties who spends her free time playing recreational flag football and league basketball. She shares her experience with us as she explores the world of sports.

Growing up in Southern California, lots of my friends were avid skateboarders.  They would perform tricks off stairs and railings, and conquer the steepest hills in town.  Needless to say, my friends would often get hurt as well.

Sometimes their injuries went beyond your average adolescent scrapes and cuts.  My friend Jon was once doing a skateboarding trick known as an ollie.  It’s one of the simpler tricks, but he ended up landing on the side of his ankle.  This caused a crack down his lateral malleolus, also known as the ball of the ankle. He spent over a year in a medical walking boot (also known as a walking brace), which provided support to his ankle while it healed.  That skateboarding injury was no small matter.  Even now he experiences ankle instability and wears ankle braces for added stabilization when involving yourself in physical activity.

When participating in activities such as skateboarding, be sure to wear ankle protection and other protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads and helmets.  You don’t want to be stuck in “recovery mode” for over a year like Jon!  If you’ve injured your ankles during skateboarding or other similar activities, check with your doctor to see if medical walking boots or ankle braces can be used to help with your rehabilitation.

High Heel Leg & Back Pain

Did you know that wearing high heels for extended periods of time can lead to leg and back pain?

Wearing high heels shifts pressure from the heel of the foot to the ball of the foot, causing the individual to compensate by bending the lower back.  This can cause sciatica, also known as pinched nerves, a back condition that may cause pain all the way down to the feet.

In addition to back problems, wearing high heels can damage the Achilles tendon.  Long hours in heels causes the tendon to remain in a “shortened” state, so that stretching it out again becomes painful. Some ladies find that wearing regular, flat shoes is painful after lengthy time in high heels.  That’s because the Achilles tendon is no longer used to being in the stretched out position that it’s in when the foot lays flat on the ground.

High heels can also cause bunions and add stress to the ankles and knees, leading to pain.

The best way to treat leg and back pain from high heels is to reduce the amount of time you wear heels. You can also wear shorter height heels to reduce the amount of strain on your body. If you are already experiencing leg and back pain, check with your doctor to see which ankle braces, back braces and knee braces can help alleviate high heel pain.

Braces for Summer Sports

Summer is here in full force, and so are summer sports!  Swimming, surfing, beach volleyball and more.  Plus more people are taking to outdoor activities such as jogging, walking, rock climbing and rollerblading. It’s time to pull out the sun block… and don’t forget to protect your joints while you’re out playing.

Like all activities, summer sports can cause injuries.  Check out the following braces and supports so you can have fun in the sun and have peace of mind.

Knee Braces – Running in the sand or out on a field can cause ligament injuries and knee strain.  These knee supports will help protect your knees and give you added strength when you need it most.

Ankle Braces – Your ankles support your body in everything you do (except maybe sunbathing)! It’s important to wear ankle braces to get extra stabilization when participating in summer sports.

Wrist Braces – Running around always comes with a risk of falling. Most people brace their falls with their wrists, which can lead to wrist fractures and wrist sprains.  Wearing wrist braces can help prevent these injuries and keep you healthy as you’re having fun in the sun.

Enjoying the nice weather means that you don’t want to get sidelined when you’re out having fun.  Check out these braces and supports and enjoy a healthy summer!