Baseball Braces and Supports

Baseball season is well underway which also means that injuries during baseball are on the rise. Baseball players are at risk for injury in the knees, ankles, elbows, back, shoulders and even the wrists. There are lots of different ways these injuries can occur while playing baseball, such as when sliding in to base, long hours of squatting as a catcher, from repetitive throwing, during a powerful swing, or even simply when running.

It’s important to wear baseball braces and supports when participating in this sport. They help support and stabilize the joints to ensure that your body moves naturally. Some baseball braces also add gentle compression to provide extra strength to the areas that need it. They’re great for both preventing injuries and giving added support to those who have had previous baseball injuries.

If you participate in baseball or softball, check out our baseball braces recommended by our brace coaches today!

Importance of Wearing Braces for Sports

A mere glance at the sports section of the newspaper reveals the wide array of injuries that plague athletes as they participate in what they do best. Articles written by sports experts project how injuries will affect playoff chances and speculate as to whose career may be coming to a close due to an injury of one sort or another.

In order to perform at their best, athletes should be concerned with keeping their bodies healthy as they are about regular training. Wearing sports braces is important for athletes because they keep our joints moving naturally. They help to prevent injury and also provide added support and stabilization for individuals who have sustained previous injury. In fact, many professional athletes wear braces for sports to help protect their body from season-ending injuries. Joint protection using sports braces is just as important for recreational athletes as it is for professional athletes. Even non-contact sports can put you at risk for injury, especially if it involves running.


Here are some activities which we carry sports braces for:

  • Baseball & Softball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Motocross
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Soccer
  • Tennis


Did you also know that there’s a risk of injury for these activities too?

  • Cycling & Biking
  • Cheer & Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Equestrian & Rodeo
  • Field Hockey
  • Kiteboarding
  • Lacrosse
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Walking
  • Weightlifting


Remember to wear braces for sports when you participate in physical activity, so you can stay healthy and keep doing what you love.

DonJoy Knee Braces

Knee injuries are one of the most prevalent ways that players get hurt when playing sports. The knee joint is also an area that is affected by age and repetitive stress injuries. It’s important to wear knee protection such as knee braces or patella bands to help prevent these injuries. These devices can also help prevent re-injury by providing support after an injury has occurred. When it comes to getting the best in knee protection, look no further than the industry’s leading brand — DonJoy.

DonJoy knee braces are known in the medical field for their superior performance in helping prevent knee injuries. These DonJoy knee braces come in many types, including knee sleeves, knee  straps, knee immobilizers and knee pads. They are ideal for all sorts of ailments and conditions as well, such as ligament protection and arthritis support. Many DonJoy knee braces come with cutting-edge technology in the hinges and frame to ensure that they are strong and durable but also easy to wear and comfortable.

If you’re looking for the best in knee protection and stabilization, check out DonJoy knee braces today.

P.S. We also offer knee brace accessories and DonJoy knee brace replacement parts!

Ankle Braces for Running

Holly B. is an active professional in her late twenties who spends her free time playing recreational flag football and league basketball. She shares her experience with us as she explores the world of sports.

One of the things I enjoy with my friends is participating in various athletic activities, from flag football to ultimate frisbee or even a simple weekly “boot camp” where we run and workout together. We recently started doing the Warrior Dash each Spring, which is a 5k run that involves obstacles along the course.

One of my friends Fiona has had previous ankle sprains and other injuries to her left foot. The course we were on last year was relatively flat, so she decided to do the 5k without her ankle brace. As luck would have it, she didn’t encounter any trouble while running. But she did jump off one of the obstacles and her ankle gave out as it hit the ground. Doh!

Her biggest regret after that incident was that she wasn’t wearing her ankle brace. She didn’t think the flat course would cause her any issues so she had decided to go without. I knew exactly how she felt because I did the same thing several months before when I didn’t wear my knee brace during flag football. One thing I realize now is that during any physical activity, you never know what you might encounter. You could step on uneven ground, slip over rocks or even just turn your leg in a way that causes unnatural movement. Any of these things can cause strain, sprains or ligament tears. offers several running ankle braces that are ideal for protecting the ankles during physical activities. Fiona’s concern was probably that the ankle brace would feel restrictive or inhibit movement while she climbed the obstacles. These ankle braces are designed for maximum comfort and protection:

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace – stabilizes the ankle at its weakest point to help prevent ankle sprains and other injuries. It’s perfect for runners because it’s comfortable to wear even in your regular shoes.

Aircast Airheel Ankle Brace – helps support the arch of the foot and minimizes ankle strain and plantar fasciitis from physical activities.

DonJoy Double Strap Ankle Wrap – provides low profile and non-bulky ankle support, arch support and gentle compressive stabilization while running.

Check these ankle supports out today and keep your joints healthy while you have fun!

XS Knee Braces for Kids

Safety during sports is important for individuals of all ages, but oftentimes younger athletes are overlooked when it comes to knee protection.  This is typically due to lack of education about sports injuries and also the unavailability of knee braces in smaller sizes.  Children and young adults are still growing, and can be affected by knee conditions such as Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.  This is an issue that occurs during periods of rapid growth and is a common cause of knee pain in adolescents.  Other types of knee problems may also occur in children, from general knee pain or a direct injury to the joint.

Many brands provide only one-size-fits-all knee braces.   These knee braces are not as effective as knee braces that are fitted, as they are typically too loose to adequately protect smaller knees.  At, we carry knee braces in all sizes, including XS knee braces.  Extra small knee braces are better suited for children and help protect the knee from injuries during sports.  We carry all types of XS knee braces, from knee pads to knee sleeves and even patella bands.  Speak with your doctor about using proper knee protection for your child during physical activities and check out our XS knee braces today!