Compex Accessories for Electronic Muscle Stimulators

The Compex brand is known for electronic muscle stimulators such as the Compex Sport Elite and the Compex Performance US. These devices send signals through electrodes to key muscles in the body and imitate the muscles’ natural contractions. When combined with regular workouts, electronic muscle stimulators help train muscles and develop strength, endurance, power, and burst speed in competitive athletes. The best part is that they strengthen without fatiguing the muscles or placing stress on the joints. Electronic muscle stimulators can even help athletes recover from workouts faster.

To keep your electronic muscle stimulator working at top performance, it’s important to make sure your Compex device is working at its best. Over time, electrodes may wear out or parts may need replacing. We offer the following Compex accessories and replacement parts:

  • Compex Slide-On Electrodes
  • Compex Easy Snap Electrodes
  • Compex Battery Packs
  • Compex Electrode Conversion Cables
  • Compex Chargers

Check out our Compex accessories today and keep performing at your best!

Back Braces and Knee Braces for Gardening

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to start gardening! However, along with warmer weather, it also means long hours of bending over, pulling weeds and planting flowers. These activities may cause both knee pain and back pain.

Wearing knee braces may help alleviate gardening knee pain by providing compression and support around the joint. They are ideal for gardeners who have a previous history of knee pain. Knee braces are also great for helping prevent the onset of knee pain and injuries.

Wearing a back brace can help prevent back injuries and back pain. Like knee braces, back braces offer compression and support, which helps to align the disks in the back properly. They also help individuals maintain proper posture when gardening, thus reducing the risk of back injury.

Gardening should be something we enjoy, not a chore. And even more so it should be something that we can enjoy without harming our joints. Learn more about knee braces and back braces today!

Knee Instability After ACL Surgery

Holly B. is an active professional in her late twenties who spends her free time playing recreational flag football and league basketball. She shares her experience with us as she explores the world of sports.

Last year I tore my ACL while playing flag football. It’s been just over 7 months since my ACL reconstruction surgery, which has mostly gone pretty well. My leg feels fairly strong and I can even run, though I haven’t participated in any sports yet.

However, not all of my recovery was this smooth. Especially the previous few months… where my leg felt strong but in reality it wasn’t. I could see the difference between the quad muscle in my left leg, which was much thinner, and that of my right leg, which was strong and well-built. I think the worst of it were the moments of instability which would catch me off guard – when turning to pick up something that I dropped, stepping into an unexpected hole in the ground, walking down the stairs, and at other unusual times.

That’s why I’m glad they make braces for ACL tears and knee instability. Here are a few of the best ACL knee braces available:

All these are great knee braces to help improve knee stability while healing from an ACL injury. And they’re great for helping prevent ACL tears too!

Featured Product: DonJoy Spider Knee Pads

DonJoy Spider Knee Pads
DonJoy Spider Knee Pads

There are many activities benefit from having cushioning protection from knee pads. Sometimes these activities are job related – such as for tasks that require long periods of kneeling. Sports activities such as volleyball and basketball may also benefit from knee pads. If you need padded knee protection, then check out the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad.

The DonJoy Spider Knee Pad is one of the bestselling knee pads. It provides maximum cushioning around the knees using a unique honeycomb design. This design maximizes the amount of padding around the knee, and it’s made with high-impact resistant foam for even better protection. Unlike most other knee pads, it’s low profile and doesn’t get in your way while you play sports or perform other tasks. Plus it’s extremely comfortable and breathable.

If you’re looking for the best cushioning protection, check out the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad today!

Tennis Elbow Prevention

Tennis elbow is a condition that affects the elbow which can be quite painful. It’s also known as lateral epicondylitis and can affect individuals other than tennis players. It’s common in people who perform repetitive motion with their elbows, such as golfers, painters, carpenters and others individuals who use their arms.

Tennis elbow occurs when the tendon along the outside of the elbow moves unnaturally, causing inflammation and irritation. One way to help prevent the tendon from moving out of place is by wearing tennis elbow braces. They apply gentle compression on the elbow to give it extra support and alleviates the pain.

Check with your doctor if you think you may have tennis elbow or are experiencing pain in your elbows. You can also learn more about tennis elbow with one of the following links: