How Medical Foot Braces Can Change Your Life

Holly B. is an active professional in her late twenties who spends her free time playing recreational flag football and league basketball. She recently tore her ACL and will be sharing her experiences with us as she works towards getting back into sports.

After my knee injury and newly-created fascination with ACL knee braces, I’ve started becoming more aware of how braces really impact patient recovery.

A couple years ago my mother-in-law was spending a lazy Saturday out in her garden pulling up weeds. When she stepped off the retaining wall, her foot got caught on her stepladder and she ended up losing her balance and in the emergency room. What we thought was a nasty fall was actually 16 broken bones and the most swollen limb I have ever seen. Seriously, I never knew a broken foot could cause so much trouble… it was pretty horrible. (And I have gross post-surgery pictures to prove it… metal hooks and everything!)

One of the saving graces during her recovery time – which took over a year – was her medical foot brace. After being off her feet for 4 months, the foot support brace allowed her to walk around safely and provided protection against further injury. Without it she would still be stuck in bed watching TV and listening to audio tapes. The foot brace support was also easy to take on and off – which let her sleep comfortably, unlike her cast. She was even able to sport fancy Christmas socks with her foot brace!

After a foot injury remember to ask your doctor about getting the best medical foot brace, so you can get on your own feet and start doing the things you enjoy again!

P.S. Mom recommends having a medical professional show you how to take foot braces on and off so you can use the device with confidence.

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Top Three Aircast Ankle Braces

A couple days ago we posted about how Aircast ankle braces are the best braces available on the market. Here are the three most popular Aircast ankle braces to help prevent and support ankle injuries:

Aircast Air-Stirrup: This ankle brace paved the way to Aircast’s fame in the orthopedic industry. It’s designed to fit around the foot and ankle to give maximum support after ankle injuries. Each side of this brace is lined with unique aircells that give your ankle the compression it needs to reduce swelling and enhance circulation. The Aircast Air-Stirrup is especially good for ankle sprains or chronic ankle instability.

Aircast A60: This ankle brace provides top-notch support at the weakest point of the ankle. It includes stabilizers at each side of the ankle, which are molded at a 60 degree angle to best protect you against ankle sprains and rollovers. The Aircast A60 is also designed for maximum comfort, and is made from special lightweight material that stays cool and dry during use.

Aircast Airsport: This ankle brace is made for athletes who suffer from chronic ankle sprains. It utilizes the protective features of the Aircast Air-Stirrup and is wearable during sports and other activities. The Aircast Airsport has a unique “step-“in” design that makes it extremely fast and easy to put on, while still giving you the support that you need.

Tip: We often see our customers typing ankel braces instead of ankle braces! When searching for ankle support braces make sure you use the correct spelling so you can find the best products possible for your needs. 🙂

Aircast Ankle Braces – The Best Ankle Protection

Ankle injuries happen when the foot twists or rolls beyond its natural motion. Sprains can occur when landing from a jump, while running, or even during something as simple as crossing the street. Because your ankles support your entire body, it is important to get the best ankle support for your feet during rehabilitation.

Aircast ankle braces have been the “standard of care” for the functional management of ankle injuries since 1978. Functional management means that even though you’re wearing an ankle brace, that you can still continue your daily activities while recovering from your injury. This is important to your recovery process because you can continue to strengthen the ankle while receiving the ankle support you need.

Aircast ankle braces have been cited in over 100 medical journals for their superior performance in helping heal ankle injuries and is the #1 doctor recommended ankle brace manufacturer in the world.

Muscle Stimulation Can Help Improve Athletic Performance

Electronic muscle stimulators reproduce the body’s muscular contractions by applying electrical impulses to your motor nerves. These electrical impulses are more effective than voluntary muscle contractions because they allow you to workout without risk of injury or fatigue. You also benefit from the ability to target specific muscle groups.

A leading manufacturer of muscle stimulation devices is Compex®. Compex muscle stimulators are used by professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists to help increase athletic performance.

Recently, a study revealed that neuromuscular electrical stimulation may enhance pitching performance and recovery in baseball. Normally between innings, pitchers have to find a balance between resting (to avoid getting tired) and active exercise (to keep the shoulder and arm muscles warmed up). Electronic muscle stimulation allows baseball players to continue blood flow to the muscles without the risk of exhaustion.

The ability to stay warmed up without fatiguing the muscles can also help in other athletic activities. Because electronic stimulation flexes your muscles with no active assistance, you can train your muscles without risking overuse of your joints. Plus Compex muscle stimulators are safe and FDA approved. The conclusion? Electronic muscle stimulation may provide a safe and legal competitive advantage in baseball and other sports.

DonJoy Wrist Braces to Alleviate Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is an extremely common problem because the joints in the wrist are often used for repetitive tasks. This leads to overuse, and problems may begin to occur, such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist sprains and fractures are also frequent complaints of patients because the natural reaction when falling is to brace the impact with your hands.

Wrist pain and injuries may be prevented by wearing wrist braces. Wrist braces provide compression and help hold the wrist joint in the proper position when performing tasks. They are also great for patients who have recently had a wrist sprain or injury, or for people who tend to injure their wrists easily.

When selecting a wrist brace it’s important that you pick a top-quality manufacturer. DonJoy wrist braces come from a brand that’s renown for their cutting-edge design in medical and sports braces. Whether you need a wrist brace to wear during your favorite sports or some added support for work, DonJoy has the perfect wrist brace for you.